20 Common Hobbies of People in Singapore

Published - 06 January 2021, Wednesday

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Life in Singapore is awesome - even in the time of Covid. We have all had to learn to adjust and to make the most of what life has dished out to us. Having a hobby is highly recommended no matter where you are living on the planet.

The mixture of Western modernity and Asian culture in Singapore is striking. This is an excellent way for expats to learn how to live and have fun while living in Singapore. 

Here are 20 hobbies residents of Singapore indulge in. Maybe there is something interesting here for you!

1.  Dancing & Dating

A lot of people in Singapore have joined dancing groups as a hobby. This activity not only allows them to mingle with different people but also keep their bodies healthy. Besides that, many admitted that dancing classes help them a lot in their dating life and help them find friends and partners.

2.  VR Gaming

Gaming is addictive, and Singaporeans have taken it to the next level, through immersive experience using VR. Many families visit the Sandbox shop almost every day. If VR Gaming is not for you maybe try a VR Escape Room

3.  Art Collection

Some of Singapore's top collection artists are Richard Hoon and Jackson See. These artists have hundreds of precious works in a range of genres. However, not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on art collection. If your budget doesn't quite match up then, there are still various ways to experience fine art. Look out for art sales. Browse Best Private Art Galleries in Singapore you may get some great finds you will enjoy.

4.  Scuba Diving

Singapore is surrounded by some of the world's finest diving sites for luxury scuba diving. Singapore is an island nation and thus has decent conditions most of the year for scuba diving. You may be wondering How To Select The Perfect Mask For Scuba Diving.The weather is hot and damp in most instances. Locals usually enjoy a long live on-board trip at rates of up to S$10,000+ per diver in up to 30 dives in 11 days.

5.  Skydiving

People in Singapore enjoy taking part in such activities. iFly Singapore is an adventure destination offering a simulated skydiving experience in a vertical wind tunnel. SkyVenture's patented wall-to-wall airflow, multiple overhead fans and other unique technologies provide the safest and most accurate freefall simulation possible, making bodyflying safe and accessible to the general public.

6.  Walking

It's a surprise, but multiple parks and natural reserves are tucked away from the fast-developing urban environment. Singapore's parks give the intrepid walkers tons from wooded hills to swampy wetlands. Trek on the Wild Side with these Hiking Trails in Singapore. Running or hiking can be a good hobby. This is particularly nice if an individual usually spends most of their day's at home or in an office most of the day. 

 7.  Gardening

Many people believe that gardening in the hot sun is about getting dirty and sweaty. Singaporeans participate in community gardening where people are free to grow whatever they want and watch over them.

 8.  Journaling

People in Singapore live in a city environment, and sometimes they may become susceptible to stress and mental issues. Most of them find writing about how their day was as a reliever. Adding a daily write routine allows you to learn more about yourself and to improve your communication abilities.Then we advise for you to Join Expat Choice and share your blogs with our global community.

 9.  Reading

The National Library, Singapore is a magnificent piece of architecture situated in Singapore. It is between the appointed Arts, Museum District of Bras Basah and the colonial hospitality bastion, known as the Raffles Hotel. The construction designed by Ken Yeang, the Malaysian architect, is a representation of sensitivities regarding island tropical weather and reading habits.The main collections are located right below the earth's entrance to the island, making it easy to navigate and reducing cool air loss. These give people the chance to get in and grab a book. If not, then one can always find an interesting read on their computers.

10.  Golfing

Golfing in Singapore is mostly explored by the rich who take it as a leisure activity. Sime of The Best Places to Golf in Singapore boast membership fees of SG$30,000 upwards. This hobby helps (wealthier) people to build connections and keep their bodies fit.

11.  Tiny food crafting

One could say that the food culture of Singapore has its own identity. This is not far from the truth. Relish Your Favourite Street Food At Home With These 20 Hawker Stalls In Singapore. Food is an integral part of Singapore's daily lives. Nothing reflects more than Singaporean food in the patchwork of cultures that make up the republic. Singaporeans love to enjoy good food with family and friends. 

12.  Shopping

Singapore can be perceived as a large shopping center. Here everything is arranged carefully, and prices are marked for air conditioning. For many Singapore residents who traverse the malls all over the island for shopping, seeing movies, eating, and retail therapy, and escaping the tropical fire, shopping will be the most leisure activity of choice. Alternatively, take a wild on the wild side and visit 7 Trendy Thrift Stores for Sustainable Shopping in Singapore

13.  Yoga 

The magnificence of yoga has also influenced Singapore. This old practice created a growing base of yogis and yoga studios throughout the country. Many people have taken to this practice so that they can meditate and relax. What are The Physical and Mental Benefits of Taking Yoga Classes? Whether you are an expert or just a beginner in search of a yoga session, you will find what suits you there.

14.  Martial Arts

Few people are aware of this country's status as one of the most competitive martial arts capitals worldwide. A lot of thrill-seekers living in Singapore visit these institutions for some action. It is a great way to entertain oneself. An individual will also be able to work out as they learn how to defend themselves. Visit Trifecta Martial Arts

15.  Blogging

Although the physical façade of Singapore continually undergoes many changes. Key identifiers remain, and one of those is blogging. Several Singaporeans and expats have blog sites where they talk about the things they love or do and also share their blogs on Expat Choice.

16.  Collecting plastic bags

Singapore is among one of the cleanest cities in the world. This is due to the local's love for nature. Read about The Plastic Empire. Most residents set aside time to pick up or collect plastic bags in the spirit of keeping the environment clean. Some have made this act a hobby find extreme pleasure in doing so. 

17.  Leisure Cruise

Singapore is an island that is surrounded by water. This enables the locals and tourists to set out in the sea to have a cruise. 5 Luxury Staycations could be a good start. A staycation can be a very relaxing and healing activity. It helps one to forget all the pressures that come with living in the city.

18.  Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is an outstanding outdoor sportsperson takes part in Singapore. It combines the pleasure of paddling a kayak with the excitement and expertise of trying to fish, as its name implies. If Kayak Fishing is not your thing, alternatively, here is a list of Where To Go Fishing In Singapore - this will point you in the right direction.

19.  Travelling - within Singapore

Singapore is full of puzzles, and one may never get to solve them all. The city is full of surprises such as the futuristic gardens at the bay, the wetlands, Little India, the fabled oddities among many others. The list is endless. 72 Things To Do In Singapore should get your sorted. Residents of Singapore try to tour such places both on weekends and weekdays. If you love seeing new places, then you will indeed find a new place to venture when in Singapore.

20. Gambling

Singapore has almost 6 million people, and gambling is one of the hobbies that they engage in regularly. The supply and demand law states that supply will proceed if demand is met. The 2014 Remote Gambling Bill enables Singapore to pursue the following types of gambling games; betting, lotteries and games of chances. If you feel like a winner, check out Marina Bay Sands!

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Life in Singapore is awesome - even in the time of Covid. We have all had to learn to adjust and to make the most of what life has dished out to us. Having a hobby is highly recommended no matter where you are living on the planet.