Rewards & Redemptions

Published - 16 August 2021, Monday

Registered subscribers have the ability to submit articles, listings and events free of charge. Registered subscribers must be a real person and not a business entity. Once you are registered as a real person you may submit your business listings, events and articles of a non-advertising nature. No Logos allowed.

From the moment you create a user login, JOIN HERE registered network members earn reward points for posts and contributions.

Sharing your experiences with other members, and visitors to Expat Choice involves more than just writing reviews or adding a comment in response to an article, listing or event.

We take it one step further and reward registered members with status points for every type of contribution you make across the Expat Choice network.

Earn redeemable credit points when you join The Expat Choice Network, Submit an article, event or listing, vote, review, reply and comment on an article, business, product, service or event that you have experienced or would highly recommend in your city.

  • Sign up: 300 points
  • Rate and Comment on a company listing: (choice): 100 points each
  • Comment on a Review: 100 points each
  • Rate and Comment on an article: 100 points each
  • Comment on a Comment: 100 points each
  • STAR any content: 50 points each Vote
  • Contribute an article: 1000 points per article

Levels of Recognition

CONTRIBUTOR 0-19,999 points

CONNOISSEUR 20,000-39,999 points

ELITE  40,000+ points*

AMBASSADOR promotes you to the Key Person of Influence Club

Key Person of Influence Club

*After achieving ELITE status, 40,000 points may be redeemed to join the Key Person of Influence Club. Having accumulated 40,000 points and proven your commitment to contributing to Expat Choice in your city, you are now ready to experience the best your city has to offer as a guest reporter, sharing your experiences at International hotel staycations, new restaurant openings, wellness and health experiences, and opportunities to indulge with us in your city.​​​​​​​

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