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Published - 18 March 2021, Thursday

Expat Choice is a global digital news and lifestyle monocle, TV show, digital advertising and content marketing network produced by Choice Media.

Choice Media appeals to digital entrepreneurs, bloggers, speakers, writers, serial motivators, self-starter entrepreneurs, online shop owners…anyone interested in building their own digital media business.

Keep in mind Expat Choice is a licensee network.

All technology & training, both backend and front end is provided with each digital license by Choice Media - trading as Expat Choice Pte. Ltd.

A City license allows each individual to start their own digital media business based on the Expat Choice values, behaviours, templates and SOP, service operation procedures in any city instantly and to generate income through network content marketing, video marketing, banner advertising, social media extensions, electronic direct emailers, local events/workshops to a local targeted audience.

Trade as Expat Choice in your designated city and then automatically be connected regionally and globally.

  • A 24-month license fee is paid upfront
  • A monthly service fee charged bi-annually for admin and technical support.

Expat Choices’ target audience are expats, repats and high net worth global locals who register online at to comment and vote on where to eat, drink, shop, connect, travel and indulge.

Expat Choice was co-founded by John Gordon in 2016, an Australian entrepreneur, serial motivator, connector and digital community builder.

Expat Choice Pte. Ltd. now offers digital entrepreneurs, bloggers and publishers the opportunity to generate revenue through the purchase of a local “single” license to generate and publish unique content, sell advertising and execute content marketing campaigns across the Expat Choice Global network while working from home, travelling, sitting in a café, on the beach, anywhere, anytime.

Licensee deliverables include CMS Administration System Training, Content Formatting, Advertising inventory overview, ongoing technical and product support designed to create a foundation of principles, and to hold the licensee’s hand from sign up through to applying the concept to get the most out of your license.

Applications for GEO location specific single city licenses are now available in regions across Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, South Africa and USA.

John Gordon: Digital Development Director [email protected]