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Published - 16 August 2021, Monday

Registered subscribers have the ability to submit articles, listings and events free of charge. Registered subscribers must be a real person and not a business entity. Once you are registered as a real person you may submit your business listings, events and articles of a non-advertising nature. No Logos allowed.

Expat Choice is a digital community of registered contributors collectively reporting on local experiences who self publish on www.expatchoice.asia

Local subscribers, reporters, ambassadors and our Key People of Influence in your city also provide curated, localised, up-to-date lifestyle information on how to Live, Connect and Indulge.

Create a user profile to become a contributor. Submit an article, listing or event. Editors who live the nomad life sub-edit your content, format your content, and publish it to your city in the Expat Choice Network.

START CONTRIBUTING IN YOUR CITY NOW and earn points for all your posts and contributions. Points may be redeemed for entry into the Key People of Influence Club.

You may also reach out to us by emailing [email protected]​​​​​​​