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Hero Image Credit The White Rabbit #ATasteofWestholme

her Video Credit: Westholme beef

From 1 August 2019 through to 31 October 2019, Westholme presents ‘A Taste of Westholme’, spotlighting prime cuts such as the Striploin, Tenderloin and Cube Roll (or Ribeye) in creative dishes across five of Singapore’s best-loved restaurants.

Since its launch in Singapore in 2016, Westholme has been the top choice for leading chefs and restaurateurs here.

As a result of two decades of careful breeding, Westholme boasts unmatched refined quality and tantalising complexity due to the proprietary blend of nutritional feed and free-roaming cattle that graze on pristine tracts of native Australian grass.

Restaurant & Menu highlights include:



Filleto Di Manzo - Westholme Wagyu Tenderloin MBS 6-7, Pink Garlic Purée, Salt-baked Shallot, Wild Mushroom, Garden Sprout. Part of a 5-Course Set Menu priced at $138++ per person. Westholme Wagyu is world-renowned for its signature marbling and full-flavoured tenderness. Pair with plenty or with few ingredients, and the Wagyu sings - it is truly the heart of any dish. Reservations to enjoy the dishes can be made direct via each restaurant from now till 31 October 2019.


A. 28 Wilkie Rd, #01-01 228051 T. +65 9776 2828 E. [email protected]


Culina at COMO Dempsey

Westholme Tenderloin Rossini MBS 6-7, with Castaing Foie Gras, Manjimup Black Truffle, Plantin Truffle Madeira Sauce. Priced at $92++ on the à la carte menu. Reservations to enjoy the dishes can be made direct via each restaurant from now till 31 October 2019.

Culina COMO

Image: not of actual menu item: Credit Westholme Facebook Page

A. 15 Dempsey Road 249675 T. +65 6474 7338 E. [email protected]


Restaurant JAG

Enjoy exclusive Angelique, Morel, Shallot, Westholme A5 Wagyu Striploin MBS 6-7. Priced at $92++ on the à la carte menu. Reservations to enjoy the dishes can be made direct via each restaurant from now till 31 October 2019.

Restaurant JAG

Chef Jeremy Gillon Restaurant JAG

A. 76 Duxton Rd 089535 T. +65 3138 8477 E. [email protected]


Salt grill & Sky bar 

Meat to Share - Westholme Wagyu Ribeye, Manjimup Truffle, Hand-cut Chips and Herb Salt, Slow-roasted Balsamic Tomato, Baby Romaine, Buttermilk Cured Yolk, Chimichurri and Madeira Jus. Priced at $228 ++ on the à la carte menu. Reservations to enjoy the dishes can be made direct via each restaurant from now till 31 October 2019.

Salt Grill

Image Credit Salt grill & Sky bar Facebook Page: Westholme Wagyu picanha, Jerusalem artichoke, black garlic, pickled onion, garlic flower

A. ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #55-01 238801 T. +65 6592 5118 E. [email protected]


The White Rabbit

Grilled Westholme Wagyu Striploin MBS 6-7, Miso Ginger Glaze, Pickled Silver Onions, Ceps Purée. Priced at $88++ on the à la carte menu. The White Rabbit serves up an exquisite plating of Westholme. Pink peppercorn and bone marrow crusted striploin with Pomme Anna. Absolute class!  Reservations to enjoy the dishes can be made direct via each restaurant from now till 31 October 2019

The White Rabbit

A. 39C Harding Road 249541 T. +65 6473 9965 E. [email protected]


In Singapore, Westholme is exclusively distributed by Culina, a leading purveyor of specialist epicurean foods and wines. “Last year, we advocated the use of alternative cuts as a way to encourage chefs to be more adventurous with Westhome in the kitchen. Today, we want to challenge the chefs to take it a step further – to transform the way diners enjoy classic cuts through innovative ingredient pairings and cooking techniques,” shares Terry Farrell, Westholme’s Global Brand Ambassador.

Marrying classic prime cuts and contemporary cuisine, participating restaurants of ‘A Taste of Westholme’ showcase the best eating quality of Westholme – known for its signature earthiness and buttery biscuit flavours – through dishes specially developed for the three-month promotion from 1 August to 31 October 2019.

From vast rangelands and a proud heritage. In the shadow of Australia’s Great Dividing Range you’ll find some of the finest country in the world, this is where Westholme comes from.

Dedicated families who steward the land, and a collective obsession with crafting the finest beef in the world. The families honour the scale and beauty of the Australian landscape they call home by sharing the beef they’ve spent generations perfecting.

The Westholme herd contains some of the most highly credentialed Wagyu cattle to ever leave Japan. Over two decades they have built on these strong foundation bloodlines to produce outstanding product.

Born wild, raised roaming vast rangelands, eating pristine tracts of Mitchell grass and grain-finished on proprietary blends.

Rich marbling throughout the cut delivers a signature tenderness and flavour that offers a timelines experience, every time.


15 August 2019
Situated on the corner of Wilkie Road and Niven Road, [email protected] has a stunning entrance. Much like a colonial styled bungalow it boasts a beautiful bar and drinks area for patrons to chill with an aperitif. The wooden floorboards lend a touch of class to the ambience and it was very obvious as soon as I stepped in that this would be a place I’d pick if I were looking to celebrate a special event. With a very stylish private room too [email protected] would be a wonderful spot to entertain corporate clients. Large and tastefully set out, this room would afford business people an opportunity to entertain guests with a wow! [email protected] offers a 5 course set menu for $138 per pax serving choice Westholme Wagyu Tenderloin as part of it. It was definitely more than the five courses listed on the menu as Chef Kenny made sure that a few more delights were thrown in to the mix. To start, the amuse bouche had three yummy starters (not one) plated on a ceramic platter. All so delicately put together! Further into the night I was served a rather large portion of mango sorbet which sat on a bed of fresh mango. This palette cleanser did the trick to rid my taste buds of the main meat course. Then of course the petit four which as the name suggests had four delicious treats laid out all in a row with a madeleine and dark chocolate truffle as part of the indulgence. So all of this thrown in on top of the five courses listed as part of the set dinner menu. It definitely left me feeling full and happy with every corner of my tummy smiling. [email protected] is a restaurant with a difference. As I browsed through the menu I realised it had five varieties of caviar, a specialty of this restaurant. Caviar lovers can opt for the caviar experience which includes five types of caviar accompanied by six shots of Tyrol Vodka. Didn’t I tell you they are different? In fact this is the time to visit [email protected] for their “A Taste of Westholme” launch which runs from 1 August to 31 October. If you have not heard of Westholme, it boasts two decades of careful breeding that has produced unmatched refined quality and complexity. This is as a result of the proprietary blend of nutritional feed and free-roaming cattle that graze on pristine tracts of native Australian grass. Unbeknownst to most (including me) Westholme cuts have been available in Singapore since 2016. The Westholme herd contains some of the most highly credentialed Wagyu cattle to ever leave Japan. If you have not tried this, it is certainly the right time to do so. Coming back to the next course after my Amuse Bouche trio I was served with one of the most delicately put together Westholme Wagyu Carpaccio. A slice so thin I was almost afraid it would come apart as I ventured to dig into it. Topped with caviar, truffle, chives and garden sprout it melted in my mouth. Chef Kenny at [email protected] had to be an artist to produce such visually appealing delights to his patrons. Followed by the Gambero – live prawn on Japanese daikon, this touch of Japanese elegance was a perfect match to the refined course before. Enjoying the sight of broth poured into the dish, I could see how Chef Kenny envisioned this as part of the process to whet the appetite of patrons. When the homemade linguine cooked in a Vongole sauce hit the table I savoured every mouthful. It had herbs soil around it which had crunchy bits that added to the texture of this dish. I was surprised I made it to the main meal and was starting to feel full. I was losing my touch! The signature main dish of Westholme Wagyu Tenderloin with pink garlic puree, salt baked shallots and wild mushrooms was a dish unto itself. So well plated it was a feast for the eyes! With so many flavours that blended on this one dish the meat had an amazing tenderness to it. Chef Kenny at [email protected] described later that the meat is cooked at very low temperature. I loved the two burnt sticks of cinnamon that sat on the plate. So unusual and meant to be smelt first (like wine) before having a taste of the meat. The cinnamon aroma was fantastic and a great blend to savour the taste of the meat. This was certainly much more than a five course meal! I was ready to roll out of [email protected] not realising that dessert was about to be served. One of my absolute favourite desserts is lemon tart especially when baked in a fine restaurant. I was on a lucky streak tonight! The crumble and meringue accompanied by cream cheese gelato was a perfect match. I couldn’t have asked for a better lemon tart! [email protected] certainly made my night from ambience to food curated. It left no stone unturned. As I walked out from a glorious food smorgasbord I was already thinking about when I could organise a private event in this very special venue!


News Desk
1 August 2019
Australia has a reputation for producing clean, green and safe beef and the quality of our beef is second to none. Australia is free of all major endemic livestock diseases. Westholme industry have national tractability systems that work in conjunction with national standards for animal health, welfare and bio-security to ensure best practice animal husbandry and low-stress stock handling. Australian processing plants are regularly audited by independent government officials to ensure animal welfare and food safety standards are upheld.