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12 May 2017
The Tippling Club is well known for its drinks made by its in house bartenders. Besides drinks, it is also a restaurant and offers 2 course and 3 course lunch set during weekdays. The place is decorated in modern and stylish way with open kitchen. I was showed to a counter who offered a great view of the chefs making desserts. While it was noisy with the noise from the kitchen, it was funny watching the staffs at work. And I got most of the dishes served straight from the chefs, who also explained about the dishes themselves. Between the 2 course and 3 course lunch, I decided to go with the 3 course which cost $60++. I started the meal with an aperitif cocktail. Tanaka Collins ($20++) yuzu vodka, citrus, gomme, soda The drink was like a lemonade soda. I felt that the vodka part was barely there. The lunch began with a a trio of amuse-bouches. The first amuse-bouche was curry leave tempura with a coconut curry mousse, served in a rock. The tempura was light and crispy, while the curry flavour was barely there. It was really unexpected. The next amuse-bouche was charred grilled red pepper in squid ink tempura, served on a stone plate with tweezers. The tempura was light and crispy. It was served with a soy wasabi dip which tasted stronger in miso than wasabi. The last amuse-bouche served was basil sauce with tomato flavoured olive oil. It looked like a lava lamp. The basil and tomato were distinct. Although it looked like oil, the taste was not that oily. Starter : Artichoke Soup quail egg, air baguette, avruga caviar The soup smelt great from far. It was rich and creamy. But the surprise of the dish was the air baguette which turned to be a crispy pillow puff. It was encased with a smoky savoury mousse which filled with seafood flavours. Main : Braised Pigs Ear chicken & truffle mousse, morels, pomme mousseline, perigourdine jus The pig ear was crunchy and soft, with a savoury stuffing, sitting on top of a savoury mash potato mousse. The morels (a type of mushrooms) were well braised and juicy. The spinach which served with it was disappointing as it was too salty and overcooked with parts tasting quite bitter. Dessert : Snickers Bar Souffle peanut butter mini magnum The souffle was light and airy, with a bit of nutty texture at the bottom. The magnum had bits of peanut butter in it. Lastly there was petiti four to end the meal with. There was crunchy almonds slices topped with almond mousse and compressed blueberries, matcha chocolate with yuzu drop, and hazelnut praline chocolate. I was very full but these were so yummy. Overall the food was unique in its own way, offering an unique experience in taste and presentation. Service was great, with water refilled often. Do not leave without paying a visit to its restroom. There was Penhaligon's (very expensive brand) hand lotion and liquid hand wash available.


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3 January 2017
Now this is one hidden gem of a place. The people in here truly know everything about food and alcohol, what goes with this what goes with that. The interior design of the place is something out of this world as well.


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