Order in from these Japanese Restaurants to Satisfy Your Sushi Cravings

Published - 28 October 2020, Wednesday

Nipping out to your favorite sushi joint for a scrumptious fatty tuna roll isn’t quite possible with circuit breaker regulations still firmly in place.

If you’ve been craving fresh slices of sashimi or were inspired to have unagi—thanks to your Friends binge-watching session—we’ve rolled out a list of all the Japanese restaurants offering home delivery. Chow down customized sushi platters, vegetarian-friendly options, halal-certified Japanese cuisine, and even a sushi cake, for a Japanese food feast that will make you soy happy.


Standing Sushi Bar

Standing Sushi Bar

Image Credit: Standing Sushi Bar Facebook Page

Known for their scrumptious sashimi platters, at Standing Sushi Bar you can get yourself an assorted sashimi platter starting from $30.40. Apart from the classic sushi options like Otoro, Unagi, and Squid with Uni, they also have a menu dedicated to vegetarian-friendly dishes. If you’re truly a sushi fiend—or know someone who is—you might want to order up a sushi cake to celebrate for a special occasion! Ring up a bill worth $80 and you’ll get free delivery across the island, with a two-hour notice.

331 North Bridge Road, Singapore 188720

[email protected]

+65 6333 1335




Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei

Image Credit: Sushi Tei Facebook Page

While you can’t quite enjoy Sushi Tei’s signature conveyor belt experience, you can order in a variety of sushi and sashimi party packs depending on your preference, like the Salmon Lover, or the Hon Maguro Lover. You can even get your fried food cravings sorted with the Mix Fried Platter, complete with karaage, gyoza, and salmon fried. Free delivery is available with orders of above $100, but if you’re not going all in the $5 flat fee isn’t at all unreasonable.

A. Paragon , 290 Orchard Road, #05-04/05 238859

E. [email protected]

T. +65 6376 2221

W. www.sushitei.com

S. www.facebook.com/SushiTeiSG/


Genki Sushi

Genki Sushi Singapore

Image Credit: Genki Sushi Singapore Facebook Page

Offering up an affordable sushi option in the Lion City, you can’t go wrong with the Mentai Roll and the seared Mentaiyaki dishes at Genki Sushi. Enjoy a sushi party with one of their massive Genki Sets, or take advantage of the Salmon Sashimi 18-piece pack at only $19.90. Enjoy your sushi at home with a minimum order of $35, or pick up your order for an additional 10% off. 

A. 181 Orchard Rd Singapore 238896

E. [email protected]

T. +65 6957 2724

W. www.genkisushi.com.sg/

S. www.facebook.com/GenkiSushiSg/



Video Credit: DogaTv

One of Japan’s most popular conveyor belt sushi chains, Sushiro, recently launched their takeaway menu. On offer, you’ll find a plethora of affordable, fresh sushi and sides with ingredients flown in from Japan. Get a Sushiro Platter of sushi with Fatty Tuna, Grilled Eel, scallops and other favorites, delivered on FoodPanda or Grabfood, or head down to one of their outlets to pick up a sushi platter you can customise with your favorites from 11 am to 9 pm daily!

A. 302 Tiong Bahru Rd, Singapore 168732

T. +65 6970 2293

W. www.akindo-sushiro.co.jp/en/

S. www.facebook.com/SushiroSingapore/


Hei Sushi

Hei Sushi

Image Credit: Hei Sushi Facebook Page

Singapore’s first halal-certified sushi belt restaurant, Hei Sushi serves up over 200 varieties of Japanese dishes, while sticking to your dietary preferences. Make sure you peep at their website, because they’ve got loads of promos available; including a 10% discount with the code HEI10. Planning a sushi party? Add on their Himawari, or Kaika Party Set—ideal for four—and get two additional sides on the house.

A. 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599

E. [email protected]

T. +65 6386 7141

W. www.heisushi.com/

S. www.facebook.com/heisushi


The Sushi Bar

The Sushi Bar

Image Credit: The Sushi Bar Facebook Page

A plate of sushi is never too far away—literally—because you can order directly from The Sushi Bar, via WhatsApp, even if you’re out of their delivery range zone. Their Chirashi is second to none, along with popular sushi rolls like the Ebi Fry Roll, and California Roll. The Salmon Combo with five slices of sashimi, and three pieces of sushi at $15 is definitely a steal deal as well, while two cans of Asahi at $8 will definitely round out your meal nicely.

A. 14 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228213

T. +65 9653 6464

W. thesushibar.com.sg/menu/

S. www.facebook.com/thesushibar.sg


Itacho Sushi

Itacho Sushi

Image Credit: Itacho Sushi Facebook Page

Savor Itacho Sushi’s handmade specialty sushi, made with ingredients sourced from Japan, with a flat $8 island wide delivery fee. Enjoy a variety of roasted sushi with the Roasted 5 Kind Sushi Set, or get a little bit of everything: sashimi, rolls, and sushi, if you opt for the Ume Sushi Set. Or, mix things up and experiment with the creative rolls, like the Sakura Shrimp with Cheese Roll, or the Lobster and Mango Salad roll.

A. 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839

E. [email protected]

T. +65 6337 8922

E. www.itachosushi.com.sg/

S. www.facebook.com/Itacho-Sushi-1583

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RATED 7.5 / 8
Nipping out to your favorite sushi joint for a scrumptious fatty tuna roll isn’t quite possible with circuit breaker regulations still firmly in place.

Did You Know

RATED 7.5 / 8
As with many ancient foods, the history of sushi is surrounded by legends and folklore. In an ancient Japanese wives’ tale, an elderly woman began hiding her pots of rice in osprey nests, fearing that thieves would steal them.

Over time, she collected her pots and found the rice had begun to ferment. She also discovered that fish scraps from the osprey’s meal had mixed into the rice. Not only was the mixture tasty, the rice served as a way of preserving the fish, thus starting a new way of extending the shelf life of seafood. While it’s a cute story, the true origins of sushi are somewhat more mysterious...

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