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Trattoria Pizzeria Logic 2  


224 reviews
15 October 2019
The pizzas at Trattoria are cooked in a custom-built kiln at a set temperature of 496 degrees Celsius. This gives the pizza a smoky and crisp crust. Very particular to get the cooking just right... I admire this approach....nothing worse than a soggy pizza..... Recommended is the most simplistic of all the menu items which is the Pizza Margherita D.O.C (SG$26), topped with mozzarella cheese caprese and cherry tomatoes. Another which will be loved (or hated due to the inclusion of pineapple) is The Pizza Leone (SG$22) - this is designed especially for the Singapore restaurant and provides a combination of ham, jalapenos, pineapple and ricotta cheese, the Leone is one that’s specially created for the Singapore outlet. A refreshing twist, order the Oolong Tea ($6) with your pizza. The tea provides the perfect balance believe it or not. Winning here! especially as your reporter is on a dry October.... We tend to eat a lot of pizza in Singapore so put this one on your list. Well worth the visit and I would say you will be back a second and third time easily with the prices being so reasonable. www.pizzalogic-sg.com