Grand Shanghai

Published - 12 November 2019, Tuesday

Returning to the Singapore restaurant scene and promising an elevated dining experience is the Grand Shanghai – contemporary luxury at its finest.

Their menu includes cold dishes such as their Light and Shadow Crispy Duck & Shanghainese Style Smoked Fish, barbecue dishes such as their Whole Roasted Boneless Suckling Pig, and extends into a myriad of carefully prepared, mouth-watering dishes covering everything from seafood to every kind of meat, and vegetarian delights.

If you love authentic Shanghainese cuisine, a visit to Grand Shanghai is not to be missed.

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RATED 8 / 8
Part of the Millenium Group, the Grand Shanghai is a must go if you’d like to re-enact the days of Shanghai in its grand days.

Known as “The Paris of the East” in the old days the Grand Shanghai feels extravagant. Having just come out of refurbishment, the ambience has been created to woo the diner in soft and magical ways.

Chandeliers that catch the light streaming in through large floor-to-ceiling windows add a touch of regal to Grand Shanghai. With a live performance every night, the stage is set with piano beckoning.

I could imagine this space to be transformed by night with an almost Shanghainese cabaret atmosphere!

Dim sum was the order of the day but not the usual fare. I decided to taste the specialties as the Grand Shanghai gave me the feeling of being special. There were so many items on this new menu that I had never seen before.

A truffle steamed mushroom and vegetable dumpling was what I decided to start with. So fine to the palate and full of flavour that it would be a sin to dip into any sauce.

I noticed many crab meat options available. The steamed crab meat dumpling with egg white and carrot puree was larger than a usual dim sum and filled with crab meat.

The touch of orange inside this dumpling had me initially think that it was crab roe but was soon informed by the dapper F&B Director Andy Yang that it was carrot. Let’s stay healthy people…or so I thought!

But the next dumpling I had was steamed crab roe with a scallop and greens. The quality of seafood was amazing! I devoured every morsel totally enjoying the full flavours of each item. Quite calorific?

Being a purist, I did not have any of the vinegar that was served. I feel sauces tend to overpower food so I often bypass them. Andy did say that a touch of vinegar for some of these dumplings is the way to go. Keep it subtle!

To change gears from steamed dim sum I decided to have a signature Shanghainese Beancurd Dumpling in soup. Wow! This was amazingly light and I could tell it must have been double boiled.

As in any dim sum meal, the fried varieties are eaten after the steamed items. I had the pan fried carrot cake with cured meat and dried shrimp. Carrot cake is actually shredded radish. Not sure how it got its name!

This carrot cake was so fine that it was wobbly as I picked it up with my chop sticks. The true test of a good carrot cake.

I had two more varieties of fried crab roe spring roll and beancurd sheet with prawn and felt I was ready to surrender. What good food and I was full to the brim!

But wait! I had to try the steamed braised pork bun with preserved vegetables, a different take on the usual sweet BBQ pork buns. I prefer this version actually as it has a finer taste to the sickeningly sweet version.

I promised myself that this would be the absolute last dim sum but I could not resist the crispy glutinous dumpling. Filled with minced pork, prawn and preserved vegetable this dumpling was crispy when I bit into it and chewy on the inside.

Two textures I love! So of course needless to say this ended up being my favourite dumpling.

The lava custard bun I had for dessert was deep fried (also available in the steamed version) with custard oozing out as I bit into the bun. Piping hot from steam I had to be careful not to burn my tongue!

This was a truly grand experience - to be at Grand Shanghai for dim sum. Not a light affair rather a lunch to remember. As I sauntered out I could hear the strains of Shanghainese music in my head.

It left me wondering what a night affair at the Grand Shanghai would be like…...


RATED 7.5 / 8
Returning to the Singapore restaurant scene and promising an elevated dining experience is the Grand Shanghai – contemporary luxury at its finest.

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