The Cooperage A Whisky Bar

Published - 30 October 2018, Tuesday

At The Cooperage the founders match the age statement of the whisky to the price you pay for a 30ml pour. A Dram

This means a dram of a 12 year old single malt will cost you S$12++, and so it goes until you hit 21 for a cool S$21

Aside from whiskies, there is a slim selection of beers, cocktails and spirits to choose from.

The Cooperage has a full-fledged dinner menu such as mouthfuls of shisamo mentai cubes dressed with salmon roe and wasabi-marinated octopus.

Shared steaks are also offered, like the Black Angus Tomahawk, though reservations are required in advance for this item.

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Hot Find

RATED 7.5 / 8
Awesome place to chill, wine and dine. The food selection is awesome and suitable for family too. Try the range of whisky when there or just have a go at the draft beer.

With its concise selection of whisky and welcoming ambience,it is one of the new bars to check out.The food selection and quality has not been left unchecked and is definitely worth having.

All in all, a good place to enjoy a glass of whisky with friends or simply on your own by the bar.

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