8 More Things To Do In Singapore

Published - 13 January 2021, Wednesday

This small yet attractive island located in the Indian Ocean and South-China Sea is the Republic of Singapore.

The Island is considered the playground of the rich and also considered a land of shopping, great walks, excellent food and a multi-cultural society like no other. Thereof, almost 19.11 million tourists visited the destination in the year preceeding the COVID-19 pandemic.Even though Singapore is a small island, it certainly has all the hassle's of a modern city and the world around us. No matter how busy our life becomes, it is important to treat yourself with some mindfulness and relaxatiuon. In this article I will provide some of the most adventurous activities you can enjoy during your Singapore tour.   

Bike Riding

1.Bike Riding and Scoot

According to Tripadvisor, the nation's most innovative way to provide you with the city tour is cycling and scooting. They provide a guided bike tour to a group of 8 travellers under the current Covod restrictions. I mean you and 7 of your friends can enjoy it.

It will provide a glimpse of Singapore's popular tourist destinations, including; Chinatown, Singapore River, Marine Bay, and Little India. Force the pedal as you have to travel almost 12 miles ride. The more exciting feature that I found was the availability of Wi-Fi during the whole tour. It starts with as low as $ 31 per person.

2.Kayak Fishing

If you like seafood, it is the most exciting one for you. The country offers an exotic fishing facility to the tourists. This facilitates tourist to explore aesthetic views of different islands. It is also a small group activity similar to scooting. Hop on the boat if you crave for sea food. You will, for the sure catch; snapper, parrotfish, and grouper. The tour is equipped with the kayak, gear, bait, lifejacket, and a designated tour guide.

The route of the fishing includes three destinations.  This four hours of adventure will cost you only $128.48. It also offers an online booking facility.  



We all are aware of the mesmerizing beauty of the islands. The sunset and the sunrise are the breathtaking experience. The beauty and the biodiversity of these islands and the nearby water made it ideal diving destinations. The Sister Islands is among the most famous destination. There are professional instructors to give you a diving training. This is once in a lifetime opportunity to experience Asian marine life.


Want to have a romantic night out with your partner? Singapore sailing is the best option. It provides a particular option to witness the worth time with your family and beloved ones. However, it is a little expensive, at almost $507.73. But it is once in a lifetime experience.

The journey is facilitated with the mouthwatering dinner cruise. Along with the aperitif serves as complementary. The tour started from a resort that you have selected; there are multiple options. Then, the luxury yachts will excurse from the calm water along with the port. The tour will provide you with the feeling of the bygone era. 


Are you in love with the mesmerizing islands and the calm water ports, wait there are many more to surprise you? The nation also offers the hiking facilities on their diverse mountain ranges. There is a wide range of hiking parks providing natural beauty.

The Telok Blangah Hill Park, Mount Faber Park, Southern Ridges, and Kent Ridge Park are the spectacular hiking parks.


Who says you can only watch animals during the day time when is upon the head. Singapore has offered you the amazing experience of watching animals in their natural habitat during the night. It will cost only 50 Singaporean Dollar which is almost $38.51.

The coursework writing service UK has provided detailed information regarding these tourist spots. In one of their tourism related research papers, they explained, “The zoo opens after the dawn till dusk. It showcases the routine of nocturnal animals. It is one of a lifetime experience to feel the nocturnal station. Along with this, the Singapore Zoo and River Safari are also to be included in the list.”

7.Asian Cuisine

This place is for the foodies only. The country has to offer you a wide range of delicious and distinct Asian cuisine experience. From the street food to the elegant restaurants, every place provides a unique experience. 

The mount top restaurant of the Faber Park and N.O.X dining experience in the dark are the two most discrete dining experiences. The wide range of seafood available at the stretched beaches is also to be counted along with this.

8.Gaming Galore

No matter what your age is, Singapore offers you a wide range of gaming options. The Orchard Road is filled with Sandbox Virtual Reality (VR) gaming facilities. The cherry on the top is the technological advancements and the VR facilities at the gaming zones. But hands down one of the most popular in Singapore is Virtual Room. Virtual Room is one of the world’s best team-based virtual reality experiences and is now in Singapore. 

Blending the escape room concept with a full 3D cinematic experience to deliver a unique, immersive and mind-blowing adventure. Played in groups of 2, 3 or 4 players where each player has their own dedicated room – you will talk to each other, walk around, bend, throw objects and collaborate together to solve the puzzles and challenges. 

Expat Choice readers enjoy a 15% discount when you book Virtual Room experiences with code EXPATCHOICE15 and receive a 15% automatic discount when booked online at https://singapore.virtual-room.com/booking/

Are you going with the family? No need to worry. Family entertainment options are also available. The largest is the Time zone centre at Westgate that offers almost 200 gaming arcade and zones. All of this gaming under a single roof in a single tour.

Why Singapore?

The small island of Singapore was once considered as a fisherman’s land. This image of the Island has been transformed. The nation has reflected to the world the most attractive tourist destination for holiday makers.

The natural ( and augmented ) landscapes and the climate offer an array of outdoor activities. This makes the Island a perfect place for the energetic. The country is safe. It is beautiful. It is economical. Therefore, I suggest that; it should be in your bucket list for the next holiday destination - when green lanes open once the pandemic situation eases. 

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The Island is considered the playground of the rich and also considered a land of shopping, great walks, excellent food and a multi-cultural society like no other.