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To be honest I am not a huge fan of zoos and similar wildlife parks as I don’t support the idea of keeping wild animals in captivity for human entertainment. However what kid does not like animals?

My daughter adores them! So I guess that makes me a hypocrite, but I do take her to wildlife parks and zoos when we travel.

To my defence visiting wildlife parks in Singapore is different. The premises are really well maintained, most animals have huge enclosures with the environments that match their natural habitats as closely as possible.

I feel less guilty in Singapore and if you travel to Singapore with kids do not miss the following wildlife parks. 



Video Credit: The Straits Times Mornings with the Singapore Zoo elephants | Before 10am​

I must admit that Singapore Zoo is ranked as one of the Top 5 best zoos in the world for a reason.

It's like a massive animal paradise for children and though they nevertheless are in captivity, Singapore Zoo does take a good care of them all.

The Zoo is really big so I strongly recommend paying the extra $3 and get yourself a tram ride.

Animal enclosure areas are arranged by themes and are far apart of each other so on hot and sunny days this tram is a life saver.

You will probably see all the animals you can think of and more. Thea was expecting to see the dinosaurs, unfortunately that's off the table even in Singapore.

Skip the queues and buy your tickets in advance here: Singapore Zoo. Entrance Ticket with Tram Ride


A. 80 Mandai Lake Road 729826

T. +65 6269 3411

W. www.zoo.com.sg/

S. www.facebook.com/wrs.sg

Nearest MRT: Khatib



Video Credit: CNA Insider A new home for Asia's largest bird park | The Great Migration | Full Episode

Jurong Bird Park is truly an amazing place for children (and bird enthusiasts) because it is home to the colours of the world, as Asia’s largest bird park with a collection of more than 5,000 birds across 400 species.

The enclosures give visitors a most thorough viewing of the different kinds of birds who seem to be unafraid of humans.

It is also a half day affair if you stay for the bird shows (you should!) and explore the kids’ wet play area (you definitely should if your kids love water) and a little playground nearby.

The bird shows are fantastic so make sure you check show times in advance and plan your visit accordingly, also check the weather forecast in advance and if possible postpone your visit in case of the rain.  

P.s. the entire aviary will be moving to other premises at some point in 2020, please check before visiting.  

Tickets to Jurong Bird Park available here


2 Jurong Hill 628925



Nearest MRT: Boon Lay



Despite its misleading name, the River Safari is not just about fish and the rivers.

If you love pandas, this is a place to go! There is a large (and very cold) enclosure for two pandas who came to Singapore from China.

The male panda is called Kai Kai (凯凯) meaning victorious and the female panda is called Jia Jia (嘉嘉) which means fine or beautiful.

Sometimes they hide away from visitors, but most of the times we see them chilling and snacking on bamboos.

There is a super cute red panda too! I'm not sure if it has a name though.

River Safari is located next to Singapore Zoo. It's a better choice on rainy days as most of the pathways are covered so you don't really get exposed to the rain.

There are plenty of various fish from the rivers worldwide, we also used to see a massive alligator, but the last couple of times we visited, it was no longer there.

We saw a relatively small crocodile swimming in one of the pools though. If you or your kids have never seen a Manatee that's your chance there. Thea commented that they look like giant lazy puppies...

Amazon River Quest is probably one of the highlights of the park. For extra fee (Adult ticket - $5, Child ticket - $3) you can embark on a boat adventure journey which is designed to stimulate a journey along the actual Amazon River.

Please note there are height restrictions for children. Riders must be at least 1.06m to hop onboard. The last ride departs at 6 pm. 

If your little travellers do not meet height requirements there is another boat ride where everyone is welcome. It is called a Reservoir Cruise and it will take you along Upper Seletar Reservoir.

Now the fun in River Safari does not end at close of business, because from 7.15 pm till 11 pm the park invites visitors for a NIGHT SAFARI.

It is THE best nightspot for children. Night Safari is a guided 40 mins long tram tour. The tram takes you through 7 different geographical zones of the world and reveals their most fascinating nocturnal animals in their specially lit enclosures.

An important piece of advise- take and use a generous amount of insect repellent. Mosquitos love the Night Safari too.

River Safari and Singapore Zoo are located next to each other and are relatively far from central Singapore.

The easiest access is by taxi or Grab, however you can also take MRT (subway in Singapore).

The nearest MRT stop is Khatib on the red line. It’s not within a walking distance so there is a special shuttle decorated with animal stickers and plush toys (the photo below) between the MRT stop and the Zoo/River Safari priced $1 per person.


A. 80 Mandai Lake Road 729826

T. +65 6269 4311

W. www.riversafari.com.sg

Nearest MRT: Khatib


Skip the queues to save time, sanity and patience and get your tickets below:

Singapore River Safari

Night Safari Ticket, Priority Tram Ride & Return Transfer

Singapore: Zoo and Night Safari Combo Tickets



Tilted Train Playground at Tiong Bahru

Jubilee Park Playground

Waka Waka Indoor Playground


6 July 2020
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3 July 2020
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