Chong Qing Grilled Fish

Published - 17 February 2021, Wednesday

Inspired by the rich heritage of Sichuan’s legends and anecdotes, Chong Qing Grilled Fish is the first to bring the vibrancy and multiplicity of Chongqing cuisine back to Singapore’s F&B scene. Made up of the harmonious cross between grilled fish and the ever-popular Sichuan hotpot, the signature grilled fish is marinated with more than 20 herbs and spices and charcoal-grilled to perfection. With its first concept dining restaurant set up along Mosque Street in 2010, Chong Qing Grilled Fish aims to not only bring diners on a gastronomic journey and to also immerse them in a full sensory cultural experience. The brand represents A Celebration of Cultures, fusing authentic Chinese cuisine with innovative modern creation.

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Sophie George

RATED 8 / 8

A quick history fact for those who don’t know — Chong Qing was originally part of the Sichuan province before it split in the 90’s. Therefore, the cuisine at Chong Qing Grilled Fish is inspired by its rich heritage and aims to take diners on a gastronomic journey, where they can immerse in a complete sensory cultural experience. This eatery specializes in grilled fish, letting its guests select their preferred choice of fish (marble goby or golden snapper) along with their side ingredients (pork balls, crab sticks, black fungus..) — and you even get to pick from seven different flavours and spice levels!  Don’t leave without sampling the signature grilled fish, which is marinated with more than 20 herbs and spices and charcoal-grilled to perfection!

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