8 Tips When Trying to Find the Perfect Gift for Family In-Laws

Published - 30 August 2022, Tuesday
  • Perfect Gift for Family In-Laws

When you married your spouse, you didn't just marry them. You also married their whole family. Depending on how many siblings they have, your holiday gift list might grow by quite a bit.

Not only do you need to find gifts for their brothers and sisters, but you'll also find yourself shopping for any kids they have as well as your spouse's parents and any step-parents they might have. You don't need to feel overwhelmed as you look for the right gifts. Check out some handy tips that help you find the perfect gifts for all of your in-laws. Image source Pexels

Buy What They Want

Give your in-laws what they want for the holidays or a special occasion. When you keep your ears open, you can pick up on little things that they want, even if they claim they don't need anything. Don't forget to check with your other in-laws to make sure that everyone doesn't buy them the same thing.

Get Them Something They Need

Treat your in-laws to something they need. This is easiest if you spend some time with them because you can get a look at what they have and what they don't have. You might pick up a new coffee pot for someone who struggles to use an old one or a new winter coat for someone who wears an old one filled with holes.

Choose Clothing

The five gift rule claims that giving them something to wear is rule three. This is a little tricky though because you don't want to buy clothing that is too small or large and possibly insult the person. A gift card lets them know that you want to help them pick out a new outfit. You can also give them some small accessories such as a scarf and gloves.

Consider Recurrent Gifts

Recurrent gifts let you give a gift that keeps giving. Look for thoughtful gifts for a brother-in-law such as a beer of the month club where he gets a new flavour every month. You'll find similar gifts that treat your in-laws to new cheeses or wines every month along with subscriptions to coffee and hot sauce that foodies will love. They get a reminder of your gift every month for a full year.

Go with a Book

Nearly 80 percent of shoppers wait until December to buy their holiday gifts. When you wait until the last minute, you might worry about buying the wrong thing. You usually can't go wrong with a book though, especially when you choose one that appeals to them. Your mother-in-law might love the latest crime thriller, while your sister-in-law might appreciate a book written by her favourite actor or singer.

Stick to Their Hobbies

If you live far away from your in-laws, you may not know them well enough to buy them something they want or need. That is why it's helpful to stick to their hobbies and interests. Give the brother-in-law who spends all of his free time on the course a small putting green he can use at home to practice his swing. Treat your mother-in-law who loves cooking to a set of unique spices or some handy tools she can use in the kitchen.

Solve a Problem

Look for gifts that help you solve a problem without creating another problem. It's easy to make mistakes such as giving your nephew a gift card for a gaming console that he doesn't have or treating your sister-in-law to a bunch of coffee pods that don't work with her maker. Try looking for gifts that help you solve some of the problems your in-laws have. You might give a streaming subscription to someone who wants to watch a new show or give a gift card to a hardware store to a couple working on a fixer-upper.

Be Thoughtful

Do you find yourself at a loss every time you look at your gift list because you don't know what to buy? Being thoughtful can go a long way. Hit the kitchen and whip up a few batches of your favourite cookies and candies or other desserts. It's easy to package them in tins with tissue paper and add a note. You can also attach copies of the recipes.


Holidays allow you to spend time with your loved ones and relax. You should not feel stressed about choosing the right gifts. Use all of these tips to find the perfect gifts for all of your in-laws.

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