The Wine & Gourmet Friends TWGF

Published - 09 October 2019, Wednesday

TWGF is a warm and cosy space designated for you and your friends to come over and enjoy Asian tapas, with a great selection of quality wines to boost.

TWGF has a walk-in wine cellar that holds over 350 different types of wine from over 20 different countries that are specially curated and many of which are exclusive to TWGF.

Gather your friends and come on down to TWGF and strengthen your bonds over good wine and food!

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RATED 7 / 8
Great wine here, came with a couple of friends and enjoyed the evening a lot, good selection and friendly staff


RATED 8 / 8
Enjoy a magnificent choice of wine in between a fabulous meal of Iberico ‘Bah Kut Teh’ Risotto, Clam Soup and Chilli Crab Pizza. The Wine & Gourmet Friends has a dedicated bar, a cosy space for a meal and a spirited staff ensuring you’re having the right pour with your meal. Their cellar holds 350 varieties of wine sourced directly from wineries around the globe. If you’re planning to try a number of wines then opt for dishes from their Cheese & Charcuterie section.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Visited TWGF for the first time and it was such a great experience. Every dish was great as we tried the truffle egg confit, mayura flank, chicken breast with truffle mash, curry crab linguine and icelandic cod with fries. The truffle dishes were our favourite and the mayura flank steak was perfectly medium rare with a great sear, juicy tender middle and great seasoning. Maxel Lee recommends The Wine & Gourmet Friends, Wine & Pork Specialist on Facebook