Published - 25 November 2020, Wednesday

Nestled in a lush urban greenery, Winestone is a Modern European restaurant, bar and wine retail store, serving hearty signature western dishes that has been reimagined to bring diners on a fresh epicurean journey along with affordable quality wines from all over the world.

The charming and underrated spot gains the favour of gourmet lovers with its classic all-time favourite farm selection and exciting spins on delicacies inspired from the streets of Europe. The warm and cosy modern interior is a comforting addition to the hearty delights, curating an intimate dining experience, filled with never-ending laughter.

Take-home wine is also made available at Winestone Retail, located within the restaurant, with a separate entrance to the driveway.

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RATED 8 / 8
Winestone’s Magical Christmas menu is utterly to die for with their range of mouth-watering options such as their ever-popular Classic Coulibiac of Salmo, comprising of a whole salmon which is stuffed and oven-baked.

They offer the classics such as traditional Roast Turkey and Roasted Pumpkin Soup, but also more unique options such as the vegan Pomodoro Meatballs or the Wild Alaskan Salmon.

Then order one of their top-of-the-line wines and enjoy your perfect meal. Bon appetite!


RATED 6 / 8
Not only the wine was great but also the food, would come back here anytime!


RATED 7.5 / 8
Sip on choicest of wines like Laurent Perrier Brut NV Champagne, McWilliam’s Inheritance Chardonnay and Inheritance Merlot and Santa Margherita Prosecco Extra Dry at Winestone. Savour each sip as you take in the elegant ambience and enjoy a delicious European feast. We recommend their Ragout Tagliatelle, Winestone Pizza, Beef Tenderloin served with foie gras, vine tomatoes and asparagus, and their seafood special Cataplana with a mix of crayfish, mussels, prawns, scallops and squids brewed in a seafood bisque and capsicums.


RATED 7.5 / 8
This would be one of my fave restaurant come Wine Bars, lots of positive experiences and amazing food. Strongly recommend people to visit this new place.

Our friends chose to hold their intimate wedding at this place. The venue was beautiful and food was tasty! The scallops/chorizo combination is delicious, no matter how busy the wedding, I have to eat it.

The whole wedding preparation was very well supported by the staff, attentive and throughout.

Thanks to the Winestone team, you guys are fantastic

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