Published - 08 October 2019, Tuesday

Founded by two legendary sommeliers, Alvin Gho and Ian Lim, Wine RVLT doesn’t quite have the conventional bottles you would expect to see at a wine bar.

Instead, they serve up exactly what they like to drink, including grower Champagnes and an amphora-aged Zibbibo.

On the food front, expect dishes created with sustainable produce that scream ‘lightness and freshness’.

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RATED 7.5 / 8
A revolution in wine bars, RVLT loves to stock natural wines made with organic, hand-picked grapes and by using different methods of fermenting. Get a taste of something new, fresh or even funky as you take a sip of the amazing variety of wines available here. Their menu is just as robust, and we love their Wild Spanner Crab with caviar and dashi crystal bread, Air-dried Beef Tartare with ginger scallion, cured egg, rice wine dressing and Taco Dumpling with mushroom duxelles, home-made shiitake shoyu and taro chips.

Sophie George

RATED 8 / 8
Consistently striving to maintain an evolution of revolution, by breaking through from past moulds, Wine RVLT is certainly well-favoured and known for their attempts to do itself justice. With such aspirations, a menu change was certain to once again transpire on their horizons. This time around, their spirited aims have culminated in drawing out an even greater sense of elevation to their menu items, highlighting eminent finesse in their dishes, yet remaining unchanged in transfixing you with their mealy soulful identity, which they are celebrated with due merit for!

Amongst newly featured highlights are; Shio Koji-Aged Westholm Wagyu with Pickled Eggplant and Mizuna Salad ($62) from their mains, Wild Spanner Crab with caviar served on fascinating translucent Dashi Crystal Bread ($36) that makes for a good conversation starter, and RVLT’s own in-house version of Chicken McNuggets with Fermented Sriracha ($20) that tastes far better than it sounds.


RATED 7.5 / 8
It was great to be able to find a place that's a little different from a typical wine bar to enjoy organic wines. Thanks for this revolution concept. Food was also good apart from just the wine. Inventive touch of fusion with good quality produce. A place to visit without a doubt. The team is attentive.... which we like - a lot!