Gaston Burgundy Bistro & Wine Bar

Published - 25 August 2021, Wednesday


Deeply rooted in the Burgundian heritage, embrace classic homemade specialties from the region including Jambon Persillé, Truite a l’Aligoté and Éclair au Cassis at Gaston Burgundy Bistro & Wine Bar

With dishes crafted with the utmost respect for tradition, enjoy the freshest, seasonal ingredients sourced directly from artisanal producers at Gaston.

A meal isn’t really fulfilled without a glass of wine - look forward to an extensive selection of quality, great value wines of close to 350 labels from France and beyond

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RATED 7.5 / 8
Step away from Singapore and whisk away to Burgundy as you dine at Gaston Burgundy, a French bistro and wine bar at Keong Saik Road. Their wine list is expansive with gems like Chablis Dampt Frères 2018, Bourgogne "Les Guignottes" Domaine Goichot 2017 and Dalva Colheita Port 1995. Relish delicate French dishes like Escargots de Bourgogne, Gougères, Foie Gras with toasts and jams from Corsica, Boeuf Bourguignon and a Flan Pâtissier with vanilla artisan gelato.

John Gordon

RATED 8 / 8
What a great experience I had on thursday night when I visited the very comfortable and welcoming Gaston on Keong Saik Road. Geoffrey, the owner operator was a champion explaining the dishes as we tuck into delicious bistro style fare that you would expect being delivered direct to table from a kitchen smack in the middle of Burgundy - France.

The escargot garlic and butter parsley served as either a 6 or 12 piece (SG$15/28) was to die for. These gorgeous escargot had me in an instant, so delicious and tender unlike I have experienced before, accompanied with a selection of artisan breads and of course lashings of butter.... it is French Bistro cuisine after all.

The starter Croquettes need to have a mention here. 3 or 6 piece (SG$9/18) Cheese and shaved ham all rolled up in the generous ball and lightly fried - to perfection. I would go back just for the croquettes and a glass of burgundy pinot and sit at the bar for a chilled stop over when next I'm in this awesome neighborhood and attending a meeting or whatever....this is a destination experience.

And here is another attraction of Gaston. There are a number of different styles of communal eating within the bistro environment, and is also inviting if you are flying solo one lunchtime or evening.

There are about 6 bar stool table places, a few high tables towards the front of the restaurant that allow for a relaxed chat with friends over some freshly flow in Oysters and a glass or two of wine ( the wine selection here is extensive ).

The wine room located in the forward section of the Bistro as you enter the room - is a feature of the restaurants beautifully decorated environment. There is a long wooden communal table in a private nook for a party of up to 12 and then you have the typical square restaurant style white linen low rise tables that fill each evening as they are located towards the back of the restaurant allowing for the wondrous flavors wafting by as meals are delivered to guests.

My favorite two dishes - I must emphasis here - these are hearty meals, these are warming meals - that give you a sense of home. A sense of comfort.

Boeuf Bourguignon (SG$32) – recipe of Mdm Daurelle...Beef stew in a red wine sauce with mash potato.... This was just perfect.... Julia your heart out...and the Poulet aux Ecrevisses flambées ($32) Flambé Crayfish, Marc and Chicken Fricassee with a Crayfish Broth. That was super to say the least.

Now we are talking excellent delivery, impeccable preparation and a taste sensation that leaves you wanting more...I noticed a good old reliable on the menu, although we did not order on this occasion. Le Boeuf, cuit au charbon – Charcoal grilled beef USDA Angus Rib eye 250gr (SG$40), Prime Rib Angus-Charolais 1.2kg (SG$150)...Served with Béarnaise, sides and mustard.

I want to go on a lot further about the experience we had at GASTON but I don't want to publish this post as a review. This is my honest comment - we had an exceptional experience and BEST of all..... we all loved the affordability of the experience. The desserts we ordered consisted of Flan Pâtissier ($12) Vanilla French Custard Pie and Vanilla Artisan Gelato and a naughty Éclair au cassis ($14) served with a Cassis Custard Cream and a dollop of Vanilla Artisan Gelato

The prices on the Menu at GASTON are realistic and they some of the best value for money prices in town for this level of service and delivery. Huge respect and a big congratulations to the team at GASTON..... we will be back really soon - and hopefully lots of expat choice readers will be excited enough to make a booking and experience this awesome slice of France in Singapore. Hats off to the entire team!


RATED 7.5 / 8
What an amazing wine bar and with so much variety it's incredible. Fantastic atmosphere. A meal isn’t really fulfilled without a glass of wine - look forward to an extensive selection of quality, great value wines.

Hot Find

RATED 8 / 8
Very authentic Burgundian food with a good selection for cuisine. The wine selection is also really good here. Price is affordable and reasonable.

The owner Geoffrey is very professional with impeccable human skills. I really enjoyed being well taken care of while dining over there. Gaston extended lots of personal touch in their service making guests feel very comfortable yet relaxed.

I really like this bistro very much: and would highly recommend it to anyone who looks for a genuine caring bistro that gives the best service, most authentic cuisine, very good wine selection, comfy dining experience & good energy.

Comfort food · Great food · Cosy atmosphere · Stylish interior · Casual · Creative cuisine

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