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18 March 2019
atout is a French Bistro, charcuterie, wine bar and private rooms, all under one roof in historical Dempsey.


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17 March 2019
We were at Atout to celebrate a friend's retirement. Party of 14 he had booked a private dining room upstairs. Set in a white colonial bungalow in Dempsey this is a lovely restaurant to enjoy lunch or dinner in the main dining area or book one of the private rooms for a more intimate function. Our friend's appetite for food is enormous hence being on his guest list also makes us enormous (after the meal). We had very generous sharing plates for the 7 appetisers, 4 mains and 4 desserts! Atout is a home style, wholesome French restaurant. Their food is so easy to devour as it isn't covered with foam or processed with new techniques, like some restaurants boast. This is actually my preference of meal - just the good old way! Our appetisers - salmon rillettes, duck foie gras terrine, steamed leeks with shallot vinaigrette, oven baked cheese with mushrooms, Toulouse pork sausages, lamb merguez sausages and yummy bread (that we expect in good French restaurant). Everything in this restaurant was totally delicious. I could not stop eating. I wanted more of this and that. The rillettes with fresh bread went down well with a glass of white wine. Then the sausages with red wine. My goodness! What an experience feeling like a child with all her goodies in front of her. As the mains arrived you should have heard the excited moans. The chef was carving and slicing the prime rib on his board at the head of the table. Our host gallantly claimed the rib for himself, much to our relief! We had prime rib which was the best I have ever eaten in my life (and I am a foodie)! A dark pink in the centre but so tender, the cut was simply stunning. Oh and of course with that strip of marbling attached to it - yummo! We also had oven roasted French chicken, oven baked Atlantic seabass all to be accompanied with gratin potato. I have to say while I tried a bit of these, my focus was on the rib eye. I would go back to Atout just for this. It was outstanding!!! We were given a bit of reprieve from stuffing more food in our mouths, by the emergence of a birthday cake. One of our friends was celebrating her special day so we sang and had a walkabout around the tables, for a chat and to move our food. So it was time for desserts! The classic creme brulee which I look forward to in a good French restaurant hit the mark. With caramelised crunchy treacle on the surface, the lovely creamy texture below was angelic to the taste! One of my all time favourite desserts. Then two souffles of dark chocolate and orange & grand marnier. Both light and perfectly baked with almost runny insides. So hard to perfect and yet this was done to perfection! Last but not least profiteroles filled with cream and ice cream. Oh my goodness - what an indulgent way to end the night. We rolled out of Atout as pretty happy campers, to say the least!!!


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