Toast the Festive Season up until the New Year with well-loved Barcelonian concept Tapas,24

Published - 28 November 2022, Monday
  • Toast to the Festive Season With Tapas,24

The lively and well-loved Barcelonian concept Tapas,24 is helmed by Head Chef Carolina Garcia Santamaria, who introduces a range of satisfying seasonal dishes that live up to the restaurant’s ‘organised disorder’ of tapas enjoyment.

A special announcement: From Tuesday 15 November to New Years Eve 31 December 2022 diners can look forward to an exciting line-up of seasonal dishes at Tapas,24. For a true tapas experience, these dishes are designed for convivial sharing. However, unlike traditional tapas and festive dishes that are often meat-focused, Chef Carolina has focused on vegetarian and seafood options, making the restaurant an ideal spot for those seeking a meat-free celebration. In addition, Chef Carles’ highly sought-after chocolate cake is back by popular demand!

Tapas,24_Tár Tar de Tomate

Vegetarian and Seafood Options Include: Tár Tar de Tomate – $12 - Tomato Tár Tar with toast on the side (vegetarian) Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos de Ceps – $12 Porcini stuffed in piquillo peppers (vegetarian). These two unassuming dishes are best complemented with Bodega Mengoba, Bierzo Godello Sobre Lías – a medium-bodied white wine boasting complex flavours. Tostada de Escalivada – $14 . Roasted vegetables, anchovies and green olive mayonnaise on toasted Coca bread (a vegetarian version is also available) 

Tapas,24_Homemade “Impossible” Meatballs in Catalan Ratatouille

“Impossible” Mandonguillas con Samfaina – $28. Homemade plant-based meatballs in Catalan Ratatouille (vegetarian) The two dishes above are available all-year round on the regular Tapas,24 menu. Carrilleras de Atún, Puré de Chirivía y Demi-Glace de Pedro Ximénez – $38. Tuna cheeks atop parsnip purée and Pedro Ximénez demi-glace 

Tapas,24_Grilled Squid, Pistachio Vinaigrette, Squid Ink Aioli

Calamares a la Plancha con Vinagreta de Pistacho y Alioli de su Tinta – $24. Grilled squid accompanied by dollops of pistachio vinaigrette and squid ink aioli The Bodegas Chivite, 3 Riberas Las Fincas Rosado is a refreshing rosé reminiscent of a grapefruit, making it an exceptional accompaniment to seafood dishes. El Pastel de Chocolate de Carles – $14. Carles Chocolate Cake, Cocktail / Mocktail – $20 Berry Christmas Cocktail - An invigorating concoction of raspberry syrup, lime and cava – Spain’s best-known sparkling wine produced mainly in Catalonia

Jolly Santa’s Secret - An avant-garde creation of Gonzalez Byass Nectar Pedro Ximénez Sherry, milk and dark chocolate sauce – a must-try. Jolly Elf’s Secret (Hot & Cold options are available) A non-alcoholic chocolate drink available hot and cold, completed with a gingerbread man for the extra cheer. Complete the celebratory meal with a tantalising cocktail featuring notable Spanish wines, or with a comforting hot chocolate.

a. 60 Robertson Quay, #01-04 The Quayside, Singapore 238252

e. [email protected]



t. +65 6513 6810

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RATED 7 / 8

Nestled amongst a group of restaurants flanking the Singapore River at Quayside, Robertson Quay, you will find Tapas24, a Spanish-themed restaurant serving traditional tapas and some incredibly innovative vegetarian tapas options.

In Singapore, Head Chef Carolina Garcia Santamaria runs the kitchen and comes from the Tapas 24 restaurant in Barcelona, helmed by the famous chef Carles Abellan. Chef Carolina has focused on vegetarian and seafood options, making the restaurant an ideal spot for those seeking a meat-free celebration for this coming festive season. I visited Tapas 24 with the sole purpose of tasting the curated festive menu that featured vegetarian choices.

First up was the Tár Tar de Tomate. Inspired by the traditional steak tartare, the Tomato Tár Tar is a vegetarian dish comprising Roma tomatoes, shallots, capers and pickled cucumbers. When served, it looked like a steak tartare. Beautifully presented with a small side of toast, this was a masterpiece of culinary deception. It was delicious, slightly tangy and perfectly paired with the toast. Memories of that first taste still linger as I write this article. I wish I could buy this as a treat to take home.

Next came the Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos de Ceps, porcini mushrooms stuffed in piquillo peppers, a variety of chilli with a sweet taste and little heat. The piquillo peppers are stuffed with a creamy combination of porcini, shiitake mushrooms, onions, black pepper, brandy, and a bèchamel sauce. The mushroom flavours are rich and satisfying. The dish comes with a sauce made from piquillo peppers, wine, cream and Grana Padano cheese.

The third dish is a winner; Tostada de Escalivada. This classic Catalan dish presents a medley of roasted vegetables, fat slices of anchovies and green olive mayonnaise stacked beautifully on toasted Coca bread, a flatbread from Catalonia. At Tapas24, the coca bread is flown in from Spain, so authenticity is never doubted. For me, this was the stand-out dish at lunch. The crunchy texture of the coca bread, married to the soft, roasted vegetables and the piquancy of the anchovies, was faultless.

I was intrigued by the addition of an impossible meat dish; this time, it was the "Impossible" Mandonguillas con Samfaina, which is plant-based meatballs immersed In a Catalan ratatouille. It has an excellent taste and is also a visually appealing dish of meatballs. Definitely comfort food, hearty and thick. It would be perfect for mopping up with bread. If you have doubts about impossible meat, set them aside and simply savour the taste and flavours of the home-cooked Catalan favourite.

The punctuation mark of this superb lunch came from Chef Carle's famous chocolate cake, El Pastel de Chocolate de Charles. Described as chocolate cake on the menu, it was akin to a serving of chocolate mousse, made with 70% Belgium chocolate and cream cheese. Rich, firm, topped with salted caramel almond bits and chocolate dancing in your mouth. A wonderful ending to a quick lunch visit.

The very reasonable prices and ample serving portions are a pleasant surprise for diners. It easily caters for big groups and would be an ideal corporate event venue, with inside and covered outdoor seating.

Tapas24 is a value-for-money restaurant and is tempting enough for me to plan a second visit to sample the other choices from their Catalan-inspired tapas menu. To Chef Carolina and the team at Tapas24, enhorabuena!


Sylvia Fernandes

RATED 7 / 8

Facing the Singapore River at Quayside, Robertson Quay, lies a buzzy bar Tapas 24. Hailing from Barcelona, this lively bar is perfect for a quick lunch or relaxing dinner.

I was there to savour some tapas skewed to vegetarian dishes mostly, contrary to the usual meaty fare as usually expected. Owned by the L’Angelus Group who also have under their wing, Les Bouchons and L’Angelus.

Great to note that as tapas plates hit our table, the Tostada de Escalivada – roasted vegetables, anchovies, green olives on toasted bread (brought in directly from Spain) was a hit. A bit like a cracker, this coca bread is imported un-toasted.

Easy to bite into, mayonnaise lifted the combo of ingredients used. Vegetarians have the option of requesting no anchovies. This was a resounding MUST on the tapas order. Two pieces on each plate, that would do me for a very reasonable light lunch of $14.

My first time trying a Tar Tar de Tomate – tomato tartar with toast on the side. Excellent start to the meal or as a cleanser to the palette after a few courses. Refreshing and light as a side to a beer or wine, akin to the way French have cheese and wine. A highly versatile dish for any time of day that would appeal to everyone, unless of course you are not a tomato fan.

Another favourite Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos de Ceps – porcini stuffed in piquillo peppers topped with an orange sauce of blended vegetables, was totally divine. My favourite Spanish produce are piquillo peppers so this greatly appealed to me. The full taste of mushrooms was outstanding. All this for a plate of three pieces that cost $12.

For those who know the taste and texture of meat but have given it up for one reason or another, the Impossible home-made meatballs in a ratatouille sauce was excellent. I for one would not have been able to pick if it was meat or not.

As we began to realise how reasonably priced Tapas 24 was, I was thinking of who I could come back with for a few margaritas and some of these delicious plates we were savouring. I guess there is much to be said for established brands in the home country!

I was enjoying the music and wine that served with these tapas. The Bodega Mengoba likened to a Chardonnay was a good pair to starters and it was time to move to the rose, Bodegas Chivite, for mains.

Tuna cheeks served on parsnip puree and a most endearing Pedro-Ximenez demi-glace was a great option for me. Chunky in texture that almost felt like meat, tuna cheeks provided for a high protein meal on vegetable rather than stodgy potato. Perfect for those avoiding carbs.

To end this array of amazing small plates at Tapas 24 was the grilled squid served with pistachio vinaigrette and squid ink aioli. Lovely condiments to the well grilled squid that paired well with a sip of wine.

The pumpy atmosphere which exuded a cheery vibe was a great setting to enjoying a relaxing space. I liked that the music was tuned just right where we could chat comfortably. After all, isn’t that what an environment was all about? To incite conversation and laughter with an outcome of feeling chill by the time we left?

But wait! There was more. We had a Carles chocolate cake which was more like a mouse as it was filled with 70% Belgian chocolate and cream cheese. Decadent! Salted caramel almond bits were strewn on top to give that crunch to the soft creamy cake.

Downed with a hot or cold “hot chocolate” this brought a round of quizzical looks and laughter. Wasn’t hot chocolate meant to be hot? With an option of non-alcoholic and hot / cold I chose to have a cold one for a change. It was lunch and I had to get back to the office.

Those who had the alcoholic version found the Pedro Ximenez sherry a welcome addition to the dark chocolate sauce and milk. I loved my choice and was happy.

It was surprising that we had all this in 90 minutes and I felt it was a relaxed flow. Feeling totally chill by the time I walked out of this light and open bar I thought it would lend a different bent at night.

It would be my pick for the delicious meals at great value set in an atmosphere that is bound to have you relax from the busy day.  

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