Binomio Spanish Restaurant

Published - 13 July 2020, Monday

Video Credit: Venuerific Binomio Best Spanish Restaurante in Singapore 

Binomio in Spanish literally refers to a "pair" or "duo" in English. Binomio Spanish Restaurante is exactly this - the pairing up of two different concepts, a casual Tapas Bar and a Fine-Dining area, both serving up authentic Spanish food.

This blend combines both the liveliness of the Tapas Bar as well as the elegant and calmer atmosphere of the Fine-Dining Restaurant.

For privacy, there are two smaller rooms, each providing seating up to 8 persons and which can be combined to create a larger space, comfortably fitting 18 guests.

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Sylvia Fernandes

RATED 7 / 8
Looking forward to a Spanish tapas lunch, I traipsed in to Binomio's with a couple of girlfriends.

As I stepped into the restaurant, we were greeted by a lovely bar that I thought would make for a great spot when I was on my own in Tanjong Pagar with some time to spare.

Unlike set lunches offered in most restaurants, the menu was crafted to give diners many options to choose from - starters, mains and desserts. I could have all three or just dessert and coffee. I thought this was pretty cool!

For a Wednesday lunch, Binomio's was at full capacity. Reasonable prices are definitely attractive to diners and the prospect of having chocolate covered churros at the end of the meal, was enough to lure me there.

The mushroom croquettes were crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside but the ham ones were even more delicious. A tapas of green chilli peppers grilled with salt, was not spicy at all so don't be afraid to order it. The charred flavour was divine!

On the mains at Binomio's, a huge recommendation was the oxtail stuffed puff pastry cuffs and grilled lamb chops accompanied by goats cheese and figs. The sweet figs caramelised sauce lent a light touch to the meat which was grilled to perfection.

Then came the King of the day! Churros! Yummo! Shamelessly we ordered a cheesecake too and were pleasantly surprised at how light it was. Spanish style I guess.

What was the star of the day at Binomio's? Certainly the spacious ambience, reasonable prices for delicious, quality fare.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Always have loved the idea of 'pairing' the amazing Tapas with 'fine dining' experience. Just look at he photos of these amazing meals from this awesome Spanish restaurant.


RATED 8 / 8
Literally translated as “pair” or “duo” in English, Binomio (true to its name) has two different areas: the Tapas Bar and the Fine Dining area.

You can get the Fideua Negra (Black ink noodle paella) on their tapas bar tasting menu for $21, but their fine dining area has a choice of 5 different paellas: the $64 Arroz de Verduras (paella with seasonal vegetables), the Arroz Butifarra y Pato (duck ham, butifarra and fava beans at $78), the Arroz Pollo y Chorizo (chicken and chorizo at $69) the Arroz Mar y Montaña (classic chicken and seafood, also at $69) and of course the Arroz Negro (squid ink paella with clams and calamari) at $70.
RATED 6.6 / 8
Overpriced and the food was bland. Service not great either. Wouldn't go back. But every man for his own I suppose...