Restaurant Beurre

Published - 31 July 2019, Wednesday

Pictured: Wagyu Chuck; Onion with brown butter truffle mousseline, burnt onion pureé and lotus root chips.

Driven by the love for butter, Beurre (pronounced, buh) is to be remembered as a place of nourishment, warmth and comfort.

A great find along Bukit Pasoh in the Chinatown district

The menu, though not extensive, is well thought out and provides sufficient variety.

Good value for money with a high quality of food. You will, enjoy hearty flavours served in sharing portions.


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Sophie George

RATED 7 / 8
Satisfy your taste buds with Modern-European cuisine designed to please your palate, at Restaurant Beurre. French it up with one of its cuisine staples, and commonly consumed delicacies on Friday & Saturday night dinner menus — Oysters! The ‘Chef Special Oyster’ which is massive and delicious, is a highly recommended must-try at $5.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Driven by the love for butter, Beurre (pronounced, buh) is to be remembered as a place of nourishment, warmth and comfort.


RATED 7 / 8
Modern European with a twist of Asian is what Beurre is all about. Tucked in, on the infamous Bukit Pasoh Road, it is helmed by Head Chef, Darwin Wong.

With an illustrious list of mentors to his credit, Darwin has accumulated experience over the years, having worked with Julien Royer & Justin Quek, amongst others.

I felt this was bang for my buck! Large Japanese oysters so creamy, melted in my mouth. Topped with ikura, honey granita and ginger flower vinaigrette for only $5 - so cool and refreshing as a palette cleanser or a starter for your meal.

Using mainly French techniques with a touch of local flavours, I loved the grilled cauliflower florets that sat in a sambal compote with quinoa and baby shrimp. It was likened to a sambal sting ray. As you can imagine, I did not leave a morsel!

As the name suggests, Beurre uses butter in most dishes. The black truffle escargot combined with lardons which always lift a dish, were served with potato crisp thins.

Starters ranged from $12-$16 which I found to be very reasonable as portions were large. Thumbs up to Beurre for making this smart semi-casual restaurant accessible to younger patrons, many of whom were booked in that night.

A unique signature dish that I recommend every diner to order is the stuffed black chicken. This dish states it is for 2 pax but I feel 4 pax could easily share it.

Dramatized by its presentation, Chef Darwin set fire to the hay that sat underneath the chicken. This multi-sensory experience gave way to a smokey flavor.

I found this artistic dish at Beurre beautifully layered with stuffed with glutinous rice, foie gras and mushrooms, simply divine.

With loads of texture in every dish created at Beurre the wagyu striploin was 350 grams. With a strip of fat which I feel is a must for flavours of the meat to be accentuated, I only had a third of this juicy meat.
Dry-aged in butter for 10 days this process allows moisture to run down. I can’t compare it to anything I have had before. Simply succulent and tasty!

Since Chef Darwin mentioned his list of desserts were limited, I was elated. Being partial to limited menus I felt the few dishes that were cooked would be done well.

I was so right! The honey curd truffle infused with a strawberry yoghurt sorbet was so delicious, I could not stop eating it. I had never tried such an amazing dessert before.

The innovative gourmet concept of Beurre ran through every dish. Chef Darwin’s accumulated experience at top restaurants like Jaan, Sky on 57 and TWG shone through. I say this again it was truly bang for my buck!


RATED 7 / 8
Restaurant Beurre is located in one of the old shophouses with ornate facades along Bukit Pasoh Road. Walk through the narrow main door and you will see a modern restaurant behind tinted glass panels. The open kitchen takes up about half of the floor space. Butter is used generously in the cooking. The lunch menu offers Japanese rice bowls and a few Western and fusion sharing plates.

Beurre is not your high end restaurant in any way shape of form even though it makes a great impression to plate dishes worthy of a fine dining restaurant. The kitchen are all young and inspired and the vibe of the place is great. Well worth a booking and as we mentioned affordable prices.

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