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Mitzo 3-Course Dim Sum Set Lunch at $28++

What do you think about Mitzo 3-Course Dim Sum Set Lunch at $28++?


1689 reviews
26 March 2019
Lovely venue and great price for this 3 course meal. Diners can choose the Mitzo 3-Course Dim Sum Set Lunch at $28++, which includes a Double-boiled Soup of the Day, choice of three Dim Sum Selections and a dessert of the day.


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News Desk
56 reviews
25 March 2019
The food at Mitzo was fabulous, but portions are just too small. We joked that these would be just canapés in the US but that's not far from the truth! They are literally the smallest portions of any Chinese restaurant I have been to and should be stated as single servings. And my pet peeve is to be charged bar prices for soft drinks at a restaurant—$8 for a glass of Coke? That's fine at a pub but if you're at a restaurant paying for a full meal, such pricing is just rapacious shares Gilbert Cheah who reviewed Mitzo as 4 star on Facebook


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