Mag's Wine Kitchen Keong Saik

Published - 12 November 2019, Tuesday

Originally located on the quieter end of Boat Quay, ( now reloacted to Keong Saik ) Mag’s Wine Kitchen (Mag’s) has since 1996 been offering customers, a venue for good wines, food and camaraderie.

Owned by banker turned chef, Mag creates bistro-style French food with a modern twist.

Mag’s cuisine has always been about simplicity - using the freshest ingredients in the market.

Personalized service has also been the key motto at this well-known restaurant!

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RATED 7.5 / 8
Highly recommended. Even if in the bustling high touristy spot the team here are amazing and the food especially is top quality.


RATED 8 / 8
Love it! An oasis of sophistication in the otherwise tacky Boat Quay. Like being transported to a Bistro in France. Good friendly service. But the highlight was the steak- a beautiful piece of meat cooked to perfection. Without a doubt the best steak I’ve had in my 4.5 years in Singapore. And good value!

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