Haidilao Hot Pot At Plaza Singapura

Published - 17 February 2021, Wednesday

As a brand created in 1994, Haidilao International Holding Ltd. has developed into a world-renowned catering enterprise over the course of two-decade development. Since then, Haidilao has always dedicated to achieving the perfect blend of authentic traditional Chinese food- Hot Pot with the convenience of a modern trend throughout the world. For more than 20 years Haidilao already developed over 500 branches including 12 in Singapore.

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Sophie George

RATED 8 / 8

Hailing from Sichuan, Haidilao is popular for combining kinds of characteristics of hot pot from many places of China. Over the years, the brand has successfully forged a quality hot pot brand which has earned a widespread reputation for itself with 768 chain restaurants across the globe. Given their starry merits as a large-scale catering enterprise, this is one to note down for upcoming events requiring excellent catering services. The spicy Sichuan soup is well-loved here, and chefs offer diners showmanship performances with kneading hand-pulled homemade noodles right at your table!

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