Fat Belly

Published - 14 August 2019, Wednesday

Fat Belly - serving alternative steak cuts at great prices.

Have you spotted this hidden speakeasy steakhouse at Serene Center?

The restaurant serves high quality and lesser-known cuts of beef.

With minimal preparation, they preserve the original and unadulterated flavours to mouthwatering effect.

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Sophie George

RATED 8 / 8
Love a good steak? Come on over to Fat Belly, an Argentinean Steakhouse making delicious steaks using lesser-known meat cuts.

The method they’ve adopted delivers on taste and we love pairing the charcoal-grilled meats with their Bordelaise sauce or Horseradish Creme sauce and a side of Pomme Puree or Truffle Fries.

You can start off by picking a wine from a wide selection along with Duck Rillettes, Fresh Italian Burrata, or Charcuterie Board.

Do order their Basque Burnt Cheesecake for dessert.


RATED 8 / 8
Fat Belly sits in the Serene Centre looking out to Bukit Timah Road. Created in a casual setting I felt like walking in to this very small and personal restaurant.

With only a few seats in the air conditioned area I would say the nice thing to do at Fat Belly is to sit at the awesome bar. Many people have dinner at the bar as it affords them a more intimate opportunity to have a conversation especially if there are a few of you.

The al fresco dining that overflows outside the restaurant also has tables to sit at and a bar that looks out to Bukit Timah Road. This is where casual diners who come for a drink, coffee or dessert might end up. It is a spot for people watchers and those who fancy a non-air conditioned space.

I was told that Fat Belly is well frequented so reservations are a must. I was there on a Tuesday night after a four day long weekend and it still pulled the crowds in. Very impressive!

I was looking forward to savoring Fat Belly’s fare from this very limited menu, my preference with restaurants. I see this as chefs who know what they are good at and they offer just that. My kinda people!

With four starters, four meats on the charcoal grill, two mains and four desserts I felt this was going to be a meal I would very much enjoy. Enter starter number one.

House made duck rillette packed in so tight with fresh figs and blackcurrant gel on the side served with toast. I could have this as a main meal and be totally satiated although I do speak more from a woman’s appetite than a man’s. All for a mere $13!

Needless to say that went down well. What I did love was how much duck was packed in to that small round of rillette. Now I am guessing you’d have company if you did visit the Fat Belly, so I’d recommend you order two starters and have a taste of each.

The baked camembert cheese served with rosemary, garlic and hazelnuts oozed as I cut into it. Served with toasted bread again, it was a mere $13. Now I could see why Fat Belly was so well frequented. It was very well priced and complete value for the quality I was getting.

Known for it’s different and more premium cuts of meat I say again that Fat Belly offers a streamlined menu and is an excellent choice for a simple quality meal…..but you must be a meat lover.

I was about to try the four cuts of meat on the menu – Denver, Rump Cap, Onglet and Flat Iron. Sounding like Greek to me I had to look up these not-so-ordinary cuts of meat.

I was advised to try the Denver Cut first as it had the highest amount of marbling. Cut from the centre of the Under Blade, these steaks are extremely tender and come from the most heavily marbled muscle in the entire body.

As I chewed into it the taste and texture was to die for. I am usually a salt and pepper girl when it comes to grilled meat. However this time I was tempted to try the four sauces that were presented.

I went for a touch of Bordelaise which is made from oxtail, bone marrow, red wine, Port and Madeira. This sauce definitely changed my view on how to eat steak. It blended so well with the meat that I kept going back for more.

Priced at $75 for a 300 gram wagyu grade 4/5 this is something you could share with someone in your party. I would highly recommend it as the 400 day grain fed F1 Wagyu is so worth every mouthful. It would definitely be my order the next time I visit the Fat Belly!

Moving progressively from the richest to the not so premier cuts I moved on to the 200 gram rump cap. Priced at $55 I felt this steak was delicious with the chimichurri sauce.

Made from parsley, red wine vinegar and chilli the chef at Fat Belly really knew his fare. Sauces were made with such care not to overpower but blend in with the meat.

I moved down the chain to a 200 gram Stockyard Wagyu Onglet, the French name for a cut more commonly known in English as hanger steak. This rather forgotten choice is a flat cut from the diaphragm or lower belly.

With the choice of two more sauces, horseradish crème and green peppercorn I decided to give these “normal” sauces a miss and have a bit more Bordelaise which was my pick of the night.

After all I forgot to say I was also tucking in to the sides at Fat Belly. Creamed kale, truffle fries, pomme puree and charred broccolini were all really great accompaniments to the cuts of steak. A preference for everyone whether you like chips or vegetables.

I had one more cut to try – the Nipponham Angus 150 day grain-fed Flat Iron. This 200 gram piece of meat is only priced at $22 and comes from the shoulder area of the cow.

Referred to as oyster blade steak in Australia this cut is often priced lower than your typical rib-eye or similar. For someone with a smaller pocket I would say this still cut it.

A few recommendations would be to go with a few people and have sharing platters so you get to try all cuts of meat and decide what your preferences are for the next visit.

It was time for desserts. I tried three – tiramisu, Basque burnt cheesecake and Foie Gras panna cotta. The chef at Fat Belly certainly knows how to grill his steaks and bake a great dessert. Wow were they scrumptious!

The tiramisu was a hot favourite with an amazing tinge of coffee streaming through this indulgent dessert. I loved the cheesecake too which was accompanied by a coulis of lingon berries. What a great touch!

Last but not least the panna cotta. With firm texture, this savoury flavour was the way to end a superb meal. What a night filled with Fat Belly’s limited but stunning creations.

It is definitely a “must do” for meat lovers looking for a good cut. I know you will become addicted to Fat Belly once you try their fare as it is cooked with such precision.

Be sure to make a reservation and ask for the space you need – inside, outside, at the bar or seated at a table. As Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I’ll be back!”

John Gordon

RATED 7.5 / 8
Upon further investigation I have discovered that the space in which Fat Belly occupies is characterized by two distinctive concepts.

Diners looking for a unique steak experience can visit Fat Belly in the evening from 6pm, while the space transforms during the day into Elixir, a boutique coffee roastery.

Elixir loves and respects the good old full-bodied, bold and straight-forward espresso roasts, while bringing in the new; focusing primarily on single-origin, different roasting styles and craft coffee centric cocktails.


RATED 8 / 8
Previously established as a 10-seater speakeasy-style steakhouse hidden amidst nostalgic storefronts, Fat Belly now takes over the full 52-seater space amidst the charming suburbs of Bukit Timah by night.

While steakhouses are aplenty, finding one that focuses on and excels in alternative, lesser-known cuts of beef are few and far between.

In place of traditional cuts of steak at Fat Belly is a rotating menu of high quality, alternative cuts that are prized for their distinctive flavour.

Look forward to charcoal-grilled heavyweights like the Mayura Signature Wagyu Tri-tip, a rare and under-appreciated cut that boasts a beautiful marbling; or the Stockyard Wagyu Onglet, known for its robust beefiness.

Another Fat Belly signature uncommon to the Singaporean plate is the 100 Day Grain Fed F1 Wagyu Deckle, which is a nicely marbled meat known for its flavour.

Fat Belly's Nipponham Angus 150 Day Grain Fed Flat Iron, which the steakhouse first opened with two years ago to much fanfare, maintains its presence on the menu.

Enjoy the steaks as they are served, or pair them with a choice of punchy, homemade sauces like the Bordelaise sauce, made from oxtail, bone marrow, red wine, port and Madeira; or Horseradish Crème with freshly grated horseradish and creme fraiche.

The ultimate steak experience does not just stop at the meats.

Start the meal with the lip-smacking Baked Camembert Cheese topped with rosemary, garlic and hazelnuts, or the Chopped Kale Salad with pecorino and red wine vinaigrette.

Desserts too, are a great way to round up the evening with the homemade Tiramisu and the Basque Burnt Cheesecake.

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