Decker Barbecue

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15 May 2019
What are guests saying about Decker Barbecue on Social media? Tender tender tender...beef brisket, pulled pork and ribs with cornbread, fries and brisket beans. Reminds me of proper barbecue back home in the US. Cornbread would be better if it was honey cornbread with pieces of corn. Will definitely be back. Fin Ko reviewed Decker Barbecue – 5 star on Facebook Great location, great food, great service. It has its own charm and is a unique experience, it's not a familiar Singaporean experience - but it's not meant to be, it's classic American BBQ in a homely setting, completely unpretentious and utterly authentic. A fantastic food experience for those willing to broaden their palates and their minds. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and super helpful, and the overall vibe is one I keep coming back to. Stephen Price reviewed Decker Barbecue – 5 star on Facebook We were taken here with our friends from the Mid West as we probably would not have tried it on our own as it is hard to believe that something this authentic American BBQ experience would exist in Singapore. We had brisket, chopped beef, pulled pork and baby back ribs. It was all amazing, along with the traditional sides of coleslaw, corn bread and mac and cheese. Well Done Deckers for bringing American BBQ to Singapore. Definitely will be returning many times! Natasha Maddaford reviewed Decker Barbecue – 5 star on Facebook


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