Published - 22 March 2021, Monday

Cloudstreet guests can expect a progressive yet sophisticated approach to gastronomy – marrying disparate cultures and influences in an exuberant expression, it champions ingredient-driven cuisine and seasonality.

The food is enhanced by a wine list featuring around 350 natural and classic style wines which pay homage to some greats alongside small, independent winemakers from around the world.

The restaurant has a strong focus on beverage pairings, catering to both imbibers of alcohol and those who practice temperance.

Choose from five or seven courses at dinner, with a few bits and pieces to bookmark the menu, and three or five courses during lunch.

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RATED 8 / 8

Cloudstreet might be the perfect place for you and your lover if you’re looking to take it to the next level of intimacy. Captivating floral designs and an exceptionally diverse array of charming furniture graces the layout of the dining area. This might probably be the only place with an open kitchen, and the best seats in the house are naturally the ones which titillate your visual and olfactory senses. You can spend some quality time with your date, watching completely awestruck as the chefs, led by the prodigious Rishi Naleendra, sautée, brew and stew gorgeously plated delicacies to arouse your taste buds. Some lip smacking dishes include the betel leaf oysters, lamb saddle and jackfruit and a liquorice bun with stout.

Cloudstreet boasts about more than just the decor and the food. The wine collection showcases a staggering 350 labels which includes independent winemakers and classics alike. The wine collection is managed and curated by sommelier Vinodhan Veloo, the former sommelier at Odette.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Cloudstreet, sister restaurant of Cheek Bistro will be re-opening for dine-in on Friday, 26 June 2020 from 6pm. Helmed by Chef Rishi Naleendra and Gareth Burnett, Cloudstreet continues to be an amalgamation of thoughtful, expressive food, artisanal, progressive wines and warm, immaculate service.

Book for the Set Lunch $78++ to select from mains including Roasted Quail, Mushroom, Chestnut or Zucchini Flower, Sri Lankan Yellow Curry, Mung Bean or Barbecued Turbot, Fermented Bell Pepper, Horse Ears. Snacks, starters and desserts all-inclusive.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Super amazing place to experience. We just loved it.

The food is enhanced by a wine list featuring around 350 natural and classic style wines which pay homage to some greats alongside small, independent winemakers from around the world.


RATED 8 / 8
Celebrated Chef Rishi Naleendra proudly unveils his highly-anticipated new undertaking, Cloudstreet, a showcase of thoughtful, expressive dishes and immaculate service distilled through an unrivalled culinary experience.

What started as a chance encounter between Chef Rishi and Gareth Burnett, Cloudstreet’s General Manager, resulted in the genesis of a concept that reflects the duo’s shared desire to create a dining room that exists on the philosophy of true hospitality.

Joined by Sommelier Vinodhan Veloo, whose expertise has led him to devise the wine programmes at Michelin-starred venues, they have forged the perfect team to see this vision to fruition. Sleek, contemporary design inspires luxury and comfort the moment guests arrive.

At the heart of the restaurant, a chef’s counter with dining chairs offering comfortable seating next to the open kitchen brings diners a little closer to the action by enabling intimate interactions between chef and guest.

“Cloudstreet is the culmination of my development as a chef and showcases a side to me that has yet to be revealed. Just as clouds spark the imagination, I am excited to present an experience that reflects the innovation of our kitchen,” says Chef Rishi.

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