Chopsuey Cafe at Dempsey

Published - 03 April 2020, Friday

Delicious food, wonderful ambience and good cocktails.

You can’t go wrong with Chopsuey in Dempsey whether it’s for a Sunday brunch or cosy dinner.

We particularly like their pavlova and would also recommend the numbing pork ribs, honey ginger chicken and chilli jam prawns.

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Christina George

RATED 8 / 8
Serving up an assortment of Chinese classics with an Anglo interpretation, Chopsuey Café offers up the perfect mix of East meets West to the table. Chow down their Sticky Crunchy Baby Squid, Sweet & Sour Pork Collar, or their Wok Breath Broccoli. You can even add on a beer, or a bottle of wine to take the edge off, while ordering on Deliveroo or FoodPanda.