Published - 16 February 2021, Tuesday

Traditional Mala Taste, Modern Twist. Chengdu is dedicated to bringing the Sichuan taste to Singapore.Serving the finest ingredients - all ingredients are picked specifically for creating and enhancing the "mala" taste.  Located in the heart of CBD they cater for companies, families, and tourists.

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Sophie George

RATED 8 / 8

Located in the CBD area, the authentic Sichuan cuisine served at Chengdu, brings you a serious hit of heat! The after-burn left on your tastebuds after working your way through an assortment of tasty dishes, cautions diners not to underestimate the spice levels you’ll find in this fiery dining experience. The chilli beef served on a crunchy fried honeycomb corn pastry calls for a round of seconds, while the scrumptious sweet and spicy grilled frog skewers are presented with a pleasing touch of theatrics!

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