The Butcher's Wife

Published - 22 March 2021, Monday

The Butcher's Wife is that rare thing: a cozy backstreet bistro where vibrant colours are matched by dynamic flavours in dishes that enchant the palate while challenging preconceptions. Here, diners can discover the joys of natural wines, the cleansing power of fermented ingredients and the exceptional talent of a chef committed to pushing the boundaries of balanced, gut-friendly, 100% gluten-free cuisine.

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RATED 7.5 / 8

The Butcher’s Wife is a gluten free gala for those wishing to avoid a gastrointestinal mishap. The team at TBW is extremely particular in ensuring that no gluten is found anywhere remotely close to their door. Since its inauguration in 2018, it has been serving customers exquisitely, providing exhaustive options for both, the gluten free and gluten friendly gentry.

The Butcher’s Wife boasts a combination of Brazilian and Asian varieties, led by Head Chef Mariana Campos D’Almeida. Extensive use of fermentation techniques, frequently changing flavours in the homemade Kombucha and an entire cellar of natural wines from The Drunken Farmer make TBW the perfect spot for a romantic meal with your better half.

One of the most challenging tasks is to make gluten free naan, but Chef Mariana is undaunted as ever. She uses blue pea flower extract to give the Naan Sandwich an unusual but enticing indigo shade which comes with fermented black beans, yoghurt and green mango chilli sauce to add a bit of zest.

It is a little hard to believe the long list of gluten free dessert options, but this bakery delivers. Get your forks and knives and be ready for a decadent dessert fiesta.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Nestled amidst great eateries on Yong Siak Street in Tiong Baru, lies the Butcher’s Wife, a bistro that serves gluten-free food and organic wines.

Helmed by Head Chef Mariana Campos who hails from Brazil, this earthy-designed restaurant had a welcoming feel from the minute I stepped out of the cab.

Diners sitting outside in alfresco style, sipping wine while they people watched. This reminded me so much of Newtown in Sydney, a funky suburb that boasted an eclectic mix of restaurants.

I love open concept kitchens where patrons have the option of dining at the bar while the Chef is doing her thing. The kitchen was buzzing as it was full house tonight and preparations were in full swing.

This gut-friendly restaurant got me going with a Roselle and Orange kombucha that packed a punch of assertive sourness. Wow! Homemade kombucha made from scratch. I asked for another glass.

The Butcher’s Wife offers an amazing array of snacks too. If you felt like a tapas-like experience with some good wines without the full-on meal, that would be a great option for a night out too. Casual, light and delicious.

Chef Mariana who is from the tropics of Brazil, l said she felt so comfortable in Singapore and loved using local produce in her concoctions. My first try of this was having sago (balls of tapioca) cubes pulled together with Brazilian cheese and fried.

Dipped in a chutney made out of local red dragon fruit, you can imagine the vibrant colour and delicious taste! In Asia, sago was typically used in desserts but in Brazil it is cooked in more savoury ways. All bars in Brazil though would cook Dadinhos de Sago differently.

I loved the next snack of mini corn, grilled and topped with garlic mayo, grated Pecorino & paprika on top. The charred flavor of corn gave this dish a smoked touch.

Tucking into the Goat’s cheese, which is a signature dish at The Butcher’s Wife, we were told that the milk used was goat’s rather than the usual cow’s milk. This was sourced from Hay Dairy in Singapore.

Served with honey, this too was purchased locally from 13 Honey, a honey company that sources from their own bee farms. And bread from Oh My Goodness! – a gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free bakery.

Isn’t this just exemplary? That The Butcher’s Wife uses local ingredients. Not only does it help local farmers but is also so easily accessible.

I would highly recommend pairing the Mauzac Rose with these snacks. Light like a pinot, it complemented the dishes served, amazingly well. Eduardo was on hand to explain that this French Rose was sourced from a winery not far from Toulouse. Moving on.

You are either a ceviche fan or not. This one was unusual as the carpaccio-thin slices of raw fish were dressed in a Brazilian cuisine staple of fermented acidic juice, extracted from wild cassava root called Tucupi.

The remaining root was used to make fried tapioca chips that topped this dish. I totally loved the crunch with tart tones of Tucupi dressing. Not only a mix of tastes but textures too.

At the Butcher’s Wife, the theme of gluten-free and fermentation are the highlight. You may wonder why these two components? Because these are intrinsically linked. It is this process that breaks up gluten, turns grape into wine and lactose into cheese. They are both also fantastic for the gut.

Hence the tag line that The Butcher’s Wife is a gut-friendly restaurant with everything made from scratch with health and taste in mind. I was happy if my gut was happy. I could eat with gusto knowing Chef Mariana had done the thinking for me.

Being a foodie I am always game to try new things. However this next dish of crispy pig’s ears filled me with slight trepidation. Served on a large wild pepper leaf much like a soft taco, I folded the leaf to envelope the chards of pig’s ears which were topped with a delicious red date sauce and pickled ginger flower.

Oh my god! It was heavenly! If I didn’t know it was pig’s ears I might have guessed they were a crunchy root of sorts. I would highly recommend you try this when you are next at The Butcher’s Wife. I know most people are creatures of habit but why not try something different for a change?

There were so many vegetarian dishes on the menu. One of the reasons I felt The Butcher’s Wife had been well thought out and planned, for the way of the future. So many people were going vegetarian.

Quite unusual though for a Brazilian to be at the helm of such a restaurant, when the South American Region is associated with meat staples.

If you are a gnocchi lover this one is definitely for you. Made with purple sweet potato (which is full of antioxidants) and accompanied with fresh locally grown mushrooms, the rosemary butter sauce pulled it all together.

I was served the Cabernet Franc with these starters which made for a good complement to the palate. Nothing like a wine-paired dinner especially when a sommelier is at hand to answer questions.

The Butcher’s Wife has a brunch menu which boasts a blue pea flower naan sandwich. If you are ever there for brunch you have to try this. Made with a falafel of fermented black beans, green mango chilli sauce and lentils hummus, fresh mint and coriander just added the last touch of freshness to this. Divine! A must-do!

By the time I got to mains I was curious about Chef Mariana’s twist on her meat dishes. Wagyu was served with burnt cauliflower puree and green papaya salsa with a sprinkle of banana powder. Served medium rare I would suggest asking for your preference if this is too raw for you.

My favourite main was the grilled octopus. Presented with white kimchi, manioc (tapioca) puree and grilled broccolini, I was sold. The octopus was tender and well-seasoned. Not easy to find octopus so well grilled.

Gaining perspective of the delights I had just devoured, I felt The Butcher’s Wife was set apart from many restaurants I had frequented in the past. The expertise of fermentation and creation of a 100% gluten-free menu, was something many people with gut issues would embrace wholeheartedly.

And for those who feel they don’t fall into this category, the food is so delicious and healthy too! In the past there would be frowns if someone said healthy food as it was associated with dull, insipid offerings. Quite the opposite I can assure you, is the fare at The Butcher’s Wife.

On to the last part of my meal and that was the warm chocolate cake with caramel miso ice cream. Yum! Lemongrass panna cotta with calamansi curd and pineapple to lift and cleanse the palate paired with a Petit Manseng sticky to round up the night.

I was in awe of Chef Mariana and what she had achieved at The Butcher’s Wife. It is only a specialist who could have churned out a menu so stunning and food quality to match.

SAUDE (cheers in Portuguese)!

Jade Amar

RATED 8 / 8
The next thirst-quenching tea blend could be hidden in your balcony garden!

Join us on Wednesday 31 July 2019 at 5pm-7pm Hosted by The Butchers Wife SG for an interactive evening of Workshop/Dinner with Edible Garden City and learn how to grow and brew unique flavour tea blend from herbs and local edible flowers.

The night will continue with a flower inspired cocktail and a healthy four course Dinner where you will enjoy our signature Gluten Free dishes.

During this evening we will share the knowledge of growing your own healing garden to brew natural, uncaffeinated teas.

- Different edible herbs and flowers that can be used for teas

- How to harvest, Dry and brew plants for tea
(Including a hands-on portion, where you will brew and sample teas, and create your own flavour combinations)

- How to grow other herbs such as lemongrass, pandan, Tarragon, Mint, Blue Pea flower.

Starter: Gluten free focaccia made with chestnut flour & Grilled green salad with brown rice arrancini

Main course : Choose from: Pappardelle with ragout / Pumpkin gnocchi / grilled octopus

Dessert: Seasonal berries

TICKET: $80++

Check full details in the link:

Edible Garden City helps cities become more self-sufficient by growing food in under-utilised spaces like rooftops, beneath viaducts, and everywhere in between. We’ve built more than 200 edible gardens to date, across restaurants, hotels, schools and homes.

Our urban farming model, Citizen Farm, produces fresh, tasty and nutritious fresh herbs, flowers, and vegetables. We teach and support our fellow farmers, whether they are experienced, or aspiring, and hire from marginalised communities and employ our gardens for horticulture-based therapy.

Last but not lease, we are committed to finding a sustainable solution to managing food waste and achieving greater food resilience in Singapore.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Totally amazing restaurant. This guys are super professional and very friendly. The food for all my Gluten free friends is gastronomical. You won't be disappointed. A must to experience and not just once.


RATED 8 / 8
I have nothing but praises for this restaurant! Everything was so good! From the nice ambiance, the super friendly and knowledgeable staff, the delicious food and drinks (and even better that they had a 1 for 1 promo from 6-8pm ;)), it was indeed a wonderful dinner experience. Thank you to Raisa and Chef Nomer for giving us such a wonderful welcome!

We ordered the Avocado Jumbo Lump Crab salad, the Vegan Maccheroni Pasta, and the Sous-vide Salmon, and the Calamansi Chocolate Tart to finish our scrumptious meal.

First of all, service was super fast, even we were pleasantly surprised. :) The salad was very flavorful and refreshing with good-sized chunks of crab. The bechamel sauce of the pasta was excellent and we were surprised to find out that it had no dairy because ODP is a dairy-free restaurant.

The texture of the pasta was also nice and again we were surprised to find out that it was not made of wheat because ODP is also a gluten-free restaurant. My salmon was perfectly cooked and seasoned with the vegetables wonderfully complementing the subtle flavors of the dish. Then came dessert, we loved the Calamansi Chocolate Tart! It was very light but the dark chocolate felt luxurious in my mouth and the calamansi taste blending so well with the chocolate. We were also very lucky to try the soufflé which was sooo good! And the apple crumble which was another winner!

We really loved our dinner here tonight and will definitely come back soon when you reopen in June! We can't wait to try out what you have in store for us soon! This is definitely our new favorite. Kathleen Gosingco reviewed Open Door Policy – 5 star on FaceBook

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