Blue Label Pizza & Wine

Published - 31 July 2019, Wednesday

Pictured: Summer in Saint Sebastian with chorizo ragu, Hokkaido octopus, espellete chili and aioli.

With two locations, Blue Label Pizza & Wine offers a modern take on the neighborhood pizzeria.

Enjoy a concise menu of premium salads and snacks along with our acclaimed stone-fired pizza at Ann-Siang Hill and Mandarin Gallery 

Blue Label Pizza offers stone-fired pies with gourmet toppings such as clams with bacon bits or Hokkaido octopus with chorizo ragu.

Takeaways are available, but lap up the atmosphere and eat in the restaurant. The 70s and 80s rock playlist has become a hallmark of the Blue Label experience.

And By The Way - The buffalo wings and fries to die for.

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RATED 7.5 / 8
Had excellent service the other night, especially from head chef. He came onto the dining area to explain the menu, ensure that customers are enjoying the food, as well as interacting with them. The restaurant is really popular, so do make your reservations. We ordered the J- dog that was excellent for meat lovers, though it might be a little heavy for just one person, best to be shared. We also had the chicago style spinach and artichoke dip with corn chips that was amazing. WIll definitely be back to try the rest of the pizzas. Samuel Low reviewed Blue Label Pizza & Wine on Facebook

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