Blu Kouzina

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5 December 2018
This is seriously one of the best fine dining Greek restaurants I've ever come across, plus in such a lovely area. The authenticity and variety of Greek food, you really think you are in Greece.


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15 November 2018
There is literally nothing better than a fun dinner at a good Greek restaurant. The Retsina flows, plates are smashed (or the smashing is talked about excitedly) and the food just keeps coming. Blu Kouzina in Dempsey used to be more fun and has lost its lustre. It's so wildly expensive that a small family dinner - 2 adults and 3 small kids - ran to $250 without alcohol! The food was massively hit and miss - the Imam Baildi, (S$15) a whole eggplant filled with a Blu Kouzina tomato sauce and feta on the side, was heavenly. The Hummus, Tzatziki and Taramosalata dips - at S$9 each for about 50g!! - were bizarrely tasteless. That was plus $5 for each piece of a really weird pita bread. I wonder how it's possible to mess this classic up. The Souvlaki Kotopoulo (S$15) - a chicken skewer wrapped in pita bread, with tzatziki sauce, fresh tomato, red onion, and red paprika was not overly exciting. Again, a classic dish. The Kalamaki Souvlaki (S$17), a beef skewer served with fresh onion, sliced tomato, in-house bread with a side of tzatziki sauce has one small piece of very tasty beef. This place really used to be one of the best Greek restaurants this side of the Bosphorus - but it has seriously lost its way. The service was excellent however.


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