Birds of a Feather

Published - 30 January 2022, Sunday

An all-day dining cafe & bar, Birds of a Feather serve Contemporary Western cuisine with a pronounced Sichuan influence. The Redefining Sichuan menu is an opportunity for guests to enjoy a robust variety of Sichuan flavours within a single dining experience – a departure from the restaurant’s more familiar shared plates. Using fresh, vacuum-packed ingredients directly imported from the restaurant’s contingent in China, the menu boasts truly authentic Sichuan flavours through Chef’s creative and refined lens of French cooking.

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RATED 7 / 8

Friday nights are made for spending time with friends and winding down from the hectic week. So I am often on the lookout for a restaurant with just the right amount of “good vibe” – think Neon Pidgeon back in the day, a vibrant atmosphere, friendly staff, stellar food and funky cocktails.

Located in hip Amoy Street, Birds of a Feather is just such a place – with it’s laid-back, tropical atmosphere, comfortable seats, eclectic lighting and an all-round vibe that screams “good times!” – this is a place where friends can hangout over a refreshing cocktail or indulge in a contemporary Sichuan influenced meal.

It’s definitely east meets west at Birds of a Feather – taking the best of both and mingling it into a modern western menu with that distinctive Sichuan influence, the menu is fun, accessible and sure to delight.

We commenced our ladies night with some very generous cocktails including Single & Available (which my girlfriend most definitely was!) – a revitalising blend of vodka, mint, cucumber, green apple, lime juice and soda. I chose the almost too healthy to be a cocktail, Sweet Spot – gin, elderflower, grapefruit juice, cranberry and tonic. These refreshing tipples a welcome match to the slightly spicy dishes to come.

Our first dish of the meal was the cheeky Find the Chicken in the Chillies – tender deep fried chicken hiding in a basket of dried Sichuan chilis – just spicy enough to tantalise the tongue but without any burning side effects. A more delicate dish was the Hot & Sour Chazuke – barramundi fillet with Japanese rice and spicy pickled mustard green broth. The Fortune Mini Hotpot (assorted vegetables, lotus roots, golden mushroom, cauliflower, quail eggs, chicken and glass noodles) was easily shareable with its assembly of upright sticks and the Xiang Su duck breast was crisped to perfection providing the perfect contrast to the soft, succulent duck leg confit.

For dessert we sampled the very indulgent Seasalt Caramel Cheesecake and enjoyed the show presented with the GWC Coffee Dessert where coffee is drizzled onto the cotton candy decoration until it melts and almost disappears before your eyes into the bottom of the cake.

Our ladies night at Birds of a Feather was just what we needed to wash away the working week, with good times aplenty, charming staff, awesome Asian fusion cuisine and cocktails to get you in the mood – it’s a perfect spot to flock to with your friends for a relaxed night out.

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