Basque Kitchen by Aitor

Published - 16 April 2021, Friday

Basque Kitchen by Aitor is a destination dining venue that invites diners on a journey to experience reinvented Basque cuisine elevated by a definitive twist. Age-old recipes reinterpreted by modern culinary techniques combine with a focus on produce to showcase Chef Aitor’s heritage in every dish.

Complemented by warm, attentive service, each dining experience in Singapore’s first Basque-centric restaurant is original, unique and memorable.

Basque cuisine refers to the cuisine of the Basque Country of Northern Spain and includes meats and fish grilled over hot coals, marmitako and lamb stews, cod, Tolosa bean dishes, and so much more.

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RATED 7 / 8
Indulge in a slice of melt-in-the-mouth burnt cheesecake at zero cost when you pick up your order of S$50 and above.

Relish a sumptuous Basque meal at the comfort of your home as they’re ready to deliver for free at a minimum order of S$100. The Michelin-starred restaurant sells their burnt cheesecake at S$16 a slice and S$78 for the entire cake.


RATED 4 / 8
Didn't really enjoy this. Loads of people in the kitchen but food took forever to arrive. Small servings and expensive bill. Husband left hungry

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