Aburiya Robertson Quay

Published - 29 January 2021, Friday

The team at Aburiya travels throughout the pastures of Japan to search for the best wagyu farmers; to present you a curated selection of Japan's unique styles of Wagyu.

The closest road to Aburiya Robertson Quay is Mohamed Sultan Road. There is parking along Mohamed Sultan Road and the neighbouring roads, but parking is limited. 

Parking is also available at The Quayside and Intercontinental Hotel.

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Christina George

RATED 8 / 8

A celebration of Japanese Wagyu, at Aburiya you can have your beef and eat it too. One of the best Yakinikus barbecues you can find in Singapore (for a reasonable price), try the family platter to get a taste of the various meats and cuts, later on, you can order specific meats on a la carte. It can get packed during the weekends, but reservations are quick and easy to make online.

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