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24 June 2019
I'm a regular and love it. Surprised to hear such negative feedback. Sure, lining up can be a pain but it's the beach! I'm not expecting someone to wait on me. Never had a problem with the staff, they've always been hospitable and the food and beverage has always been consistent. The only complaint I have is with the Sentosa management for not blocking the beach front of the establishment from gawking labourers/tourists. No, I'm not being prejudiced but I do resent it when patrons and their children are being videoed without consent. The Sentosa management should be held liable. Ann-Marie Pereira reviewed Coastes, Singapore – 5 star on Facebook We went on a weekday with 2 kids. Staff were friendly and nice and we felt comfortable. I was kinda contemplating going there coz the place looks like it's more for hotties and dudes but not 2 rowdy kids and 2 frustrated parents. Luckily, the staff helped to warm up food for my babies and watch out for birds trying to steal our food while we are chasing our kids from running away! We get to enjoy the food, kids get to play in the sand and parents not frustrated! Thank you team! Wendy Poh reviewed Coastes, Singapore – 5 star on Facebook Definitely not a dog friendly cafe. I was there with my buddy for her dog's birthday. Somehow we were warned by staff 3 times not to let the dog touching the bench and table. It has to be on the sand all the time they said. But the dog has to be with us and touching the table or chair with just his two front paws up sent the very watchful eyes of many male waiters to approach us and even the leader came approaching us in a very angry tone. What the... His voice even draw all the attentions from passers by toward us. They seriously spoiled our mood flatly till the end of the day of 29th March around 5pm. We even went all the troubles just to choose Sentosa for this Coastes to celebrate our favourite dog's special day and also expected to enjoy ourselves for their services. What a letdown for Singapore. So very disappointed. Emily Teng-Hon doesn't recommend Coastes, Singapore.


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19 March 2017
Pretty decent pizzas!


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