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Published - 06 April 2021, Tuesday
  • Fizzicle

Fizzicle is currently the only local kombucha brand that uses raw organic honey instead of refined or artificial sugar in their drinks! From Hibiscus, to Pink Guava, to Passionfruit Mint, they offer a range of mouth-watering blends and flavours.

Made in Singapore with 100% organic tea, fresh fruits, organic herbs, and spices. Registered & certified since 2017. 


In 2020, there were at least 1,400 documents published on Google Scholar. Dr. Ilkin Yucel Sengun of Ege University, Turkey pointed out that kombucha is a functional food with potential probiotic properties. These properties act as a source of prebiotics to probiotic growth while balancing intestinal microbiota; with health effects that are anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, and aids in longevity. Closer to home, in another study conducted by Tanticharakunsiri and colleagues of King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology, Thailand, it was found that “Kombucha beverage can be used as the healthy beverages for attenuation of oxidative stress in many diseases.” In other words, kombucha is an antioxidant that helps to relieve our body from diseases. Still, having doubts? Ahmed et all (2020) from the Department of Agriculture Microbiology of Ains Sham Univeristy, Egypt went all out to study the "Biological, chemical and antioxidant activities of different types Kombucha", where they found that the antioxidant scavenging power of tea is more than 3 times of that of rice. 


The deep mountains of Sichuan, China. It's a 2-day drive away from Chengdu, the capital city. And if you follow Chinese wuxia stories/movies, you'd know this place... Mount Emei. The tea is from a trusted family friend's plantation and not available in Singapore. They have to get it airfreighted into Singapore to ensure freshness!

While most versions of the drink retain some caffeine, Fizzicle has created a non-caffeinated version for those looking to get a good night's rest! They also offer a monthly subscription that sends you 12 bottles every 30 days.

So order on their website or stop by the store to check out their drinks in-person! Image Credit: Fizzicle Facebook Page

a. 430 Upper Changi Rd E, #01-73 East Village, Singapore 487048

e. [email protected]​​​​​​​



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RATED 8 / 8

Really enjoyed every flavor of Fizzicle! They are so clean and refreshing!!! I have bought many different brands of kombucha from supermarkets but they were usually diluted and expensive!

I got the surprise case and now can’t tell you which is my favorite flavor cause they are all really good! (and to begin with I am not even adventurous with flavors - I like sticking to the usual). Highly recommend you guys to get a case to try!

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