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Published - 11 July 2023, Tuesday
  • sommer dining
  • sommer dining

 Housed in a beautifully modern yet intimate setting in the heart of Singapore’s glittering Marina Bay, Sommer is the latest edition to Singapore’s fine-dining scene.Head Chef, Lewis Barker, formerly with Bacchanalia and Vianney Massot, comes to his own at , where he showcases his modern European culinary approach using exceptional seasonal produce from around the world, notably Japan, where prized ingredients straight-from-the-source are flown in fresh twice a week by sister brand, Supafresh, a boutique purveyor of top-quality Japanese produce. 

Upon stepping into the elegant 28-seater restaurant via a discreet entrance from the ground floor of The Sail@Marina Bay, diners will enter a welcoming, day-lit space that reflects Chef Lewis’ contemporary outlook and philosophy of simplicity and purity at the core of what he does. A soothing palette of charcoal grey juxtaposed against warm woods exudes relaxed charm while an open kitchen offering diners a glimpse of the chefs at work is a key feature of the convivial dining experience.

The menus are a tribute to nature’s diversity, where Chef Lewis deftly infuses techniques gleaned from his years spent in fine-dining kitchens including Michelin starred restaurants across England, Australia and Singapore with his touch of ingenuity, to craft sublime dishes executed with precise finesse where ingredient, texture, flavour and aesthetic are bound together in perfect harmony.

Displaying deep reverence for the pristine ingredients that take centre stage in his cooking, Chef Lewis relishes in taking diners on a personal journey of his culinary evolution. Be it imbuing dishes with nostalgic touches from his childhood or gently infusing them with flavours he has come across in his journey across the globe, every element and flavour component is carefully considered for its role in the entire experience, down to the selection of ceramic pieces handcrafted exclusively for Sommer by Kevala Ceramics in Bali.

The Mackerel on “Toast”, served as part of a trio of canapés in the 4-course Inspiration ($168++) and 6-course Experience ($228++) menus, recalls a familiar dish he had as a child, but playfully constructed using homemade crumpet, smoked Japanese saba and kaluga caviar. 

The Majestic Oyster comes as a sensorial surprise where plump hand-selected delight from the remote clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean is nestled beneath creamy oyster bavarois and served with green apple sorbet, green chilli ponzu and briny bursts of umami flavours from kaluga caviar harvested from 12-year aged sturgeon. 

Served with a tableside flourish, Kuri Pumpkin from Hokkaido is transformed into ethereal gnocchi balls served in a deeply savoury grelot onion broth with smoked eel, aged parmesan cheese espuma and a generous shower of shaved black truffles.

The delicate sweetness of the Roasted Langoustine shines through under Chef Lewis’ attentive touch, paired with a slice of roasted eringi mushroom and enveloped in an intensely flavoured broth of ceps, shells of the roasted crustacean and foie gras. 

The Dry-Aged Irish Duck is a true showcase Chef Lewis’ meticulous care to retain the superior flavour and texture of the beautiful ingredients he selects, while teasing the flavours out with an extraordinary touch. As a nod to the iconic Asian dish, duck breast is lightly seasoned with five-spice and slow-roasted to succulent perfection, served with duck leg confit “kromeski" and an exquisite tartlet composed of duck liver, duck skin and buckwheat. This is balanced with a sweet sand carrot puree while a drizzle of natural jus made from duck bones ensures all parts of the duck is used, a reflection of Chef Lewis’ no-waste ethic.​​​​​​​

Chef Lewis’ childhood fondness for the caramel-flavoured confectionery, Caramac comes into play in his whimsical dessert creation comprising roasted white chocolate cremeux studded generously with armagnac-soaked medjool dates, decadent bittersweet cubes of aerated 72% dark chocolate and a sprinkling of caramelised Piedmont hazelnuts for a nutty finish. That, along with equally elaborately-crafted petit-fours, promises to end the meal on a stellar note. 

Aiming to deliver a singular experience premised on exceptional quality and value, menus are available at $68++ for a 3-course Discovery lunch menu, $168++ for the 4-course Inspiration menu and $$228++ for the 6-course Experience menu. To complement the experience, an extensive list of wines with over 300 labels from France and Italy's finest vineyards have been handpicked to complement Chef Lewis’ creations. 

a. 2 Marina Boulevard, The Sail, #01-02 Singapore, Singapore 018987



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John Gordon

RATED 7.5 / 8

Beautifully elegant, fine dining at Sommer. We will be sending someone down soon for an experience. Watch this space!

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