Published - 15 March 2021, Monday


Zafferano is perched 240 metres above ground.

Guests come through an entryway flanked by two glass-clad kitchens: the cold preparation area to one side, the hot kitchen to the other.

You will then step into an open hall with encircling glass curtain walls.

The main dining room sits on a raised wooden platform that offers gorgeous and expansive views.

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Tee Kay

RATED 6.5 / 8

Did you know that Zafferano has one of the best waterfront views of the Marina Bay? Yes, it is a little pricey but it is not only the food that you’re paying for. Sophisticated seating arranged exquisitely, countless options for food starting from oysters, pastas, Italian seabass and some juicy lambrack from New Zealand and breathtaking views that the city has to offer make your evening a memorable one. The options keep flowing- you can choose from the chef’s special list too which includes tagliolini with Alaskan King Crab and A5 Miyzaki wagyu beef striploin. If all this is not worth your money, then what is?


RATED 8 / 8

Elevate your date at half past 8 at the one and only Zafferano, where digging into delicious delicacies by the Michelin starred chef Andrea De Paola while taking in astounding views of the Marina Bay from the 43rd floor is a regular affair.

Hailing from the Metropolitan City of Naples, he is exceptionally innovative and carries a mound of experience under his Chef’s hat. His knack for creativity is evident from the trio of snacks which involves the use of ingredients which would otherwise have met an unfortunate, stale end. Salty crisps are sprinkled with cheese rind and accompanied with shredded ham to give the diners some good gourmet gratification. The only hearts that are going to be roasted on this date are ripe tomato hearts with fresh herbs and some yuzu gel. Not even leftover bread crumbs are cast aside- they are instead soaked in water and converted into tart shells.

The Scampi ($32) comes with par grilled shellfish toppled with white miso sauce blended with white sesame and some really old mirin. The classic spaghetti with the bottaraga comes with beautiful razor clams cooked in two different ways- one way is the sophisticated blend into a rich veloute whereas the second way is the bold and almost audacious sauté with herb oil in a charcoal oven. It is quite gracefully plated with lumps of lobsters, clumps of charcoal and dollops of dill oil to help cut through the creamy sauce.

While there is no dearth of innovation at Zafferano, some things are better left unchanged. We’re talking about some traditional dishes like the Branzino ($48) which is a seabass fillet with tarragon salmoriglio, which is an Italian dressing served with fish or meat. Chef Andrea leaves no stone unturned in giving their diners an experience like no other. Be it classic dishes or innovative wonders, the Chef’s Menu ($118 for four courses and $148 for five courses) has it all.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Been here so many times! THE view! The restaurant is the best, staff super friendly and professional.

The main dining room sits on a raised wooden platform that offers gorgeous and expansive views.


RATED 7.5 / 8
A few friends and I were there at Zafferano on the 21st June to attend the Coultibuono wine pairing dinner. I must say apart from the spectacular view overlooking the Marina Bay. The food, wine and especially the service were superb. Good value for money. We are looking forward to going back there for more wine pairing dinners. Robert Lam recommends Zafferano Italian restaurant & Lounge on Facebook

Left a bag full of important stuff behind on a Saturday night, and I didn't think I'd see it again. They're closed on Sundays but even so, someone actually took the time to not only respond to a Facebook message from me, but to check and confirm that they did have my bag and were helping me keep it safe. Just got it back today and I'm so relieved. Amazing customer service (and awesome burrata pizza!), thank you and I will definitely be back! Gail Quek reviewed Zafferano Italian restaurant & Lounge – 5 star on Facebook

Their Ladies night and their Saturday nights are amazing, not to also mention The Champagne Brunch. Excellent service , the freshest of freshest ingredients and tantalising dishes whipped up by Chef and amazing staff, Paolo, Ian, Mia lead up a fantastic team over here, and for The Best Martini' s in town, Kumar is the man. A visit here CANNOT go wrong! Highly recommended!Thank you team Zafferano. Devika Rosalind Muttiah reviewed Zafferano Italian restaurant & Lounge – 5 star on Facebook


RATED 8 / 8
beautiful place with stunning view, good service and decent Italian food. Rooftop terrace is great for drinks

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