Published - 14 March 2019, Thursday

Renowned Australian-based bartender Andy Griffiths is set to head new local cocktail bar, Idlewild

Named after the Idlewild Airport - now John F. Kennedy International Airport, Idlewild harks back to the Golden Age of air travel in the 1940s through to the 1960s.

Designed as a retro-luxe bar, Idlewild woffers warm and plush interiors reminiscent of the times, with decorations and trinkets collected from around the world.

Expect live music performances,  innovative beverages,  a selection of craft beers, wines, champagnes and rare spirits 

Live Music: Wednesday & Thursday: 8.30pm to 11.30pm Friday & Saturday: 9.30pm to 12.45am

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RATED 7.5 / 8
Encapsulating the spirit of travel, Idlewild is a stylish bar at Intercontinental Singapore, the kind you’d love to take a date. Enjoy live jazz performances and an enchanting ambience complete with deep mahogany interiors. Sip on tipsy concoctions inspired by various cities of the world-famous for their spirits like Paris, Lima and Dublin. Do try their signatures like Passage to Havana, The Berbere Smash and The French Cook, all sufficiently potent and best served with their lip-smacking bar bites.

John Gordon

RATED 7.5 / 8
There is a huge narrative behind the ethos which brings us Idlewild. Set yourself high above the clouds and travel to destinations far and wide with a cocktail menu that caters for a time gone by of air travel when tickets would set a passenger back thousands of dollars.

The menu is broken up into destinations - choose your flight be it from New York to Rome, Havana to London.... the cocktails are articulate as they are delicious. all with a flavor twist that will transport you to your destination

All cocktails have accompanying bar bites that further articulate the region to where you have decided to travel.

I had a few standout cocktail experiences on my first visit to Idlewild this week.

THE BIG SMOKE oh, she's a beauty - representing LHR London, England is an even mix of Plantation Jamaican rum blend with notes of Black chai tea, a fig syrup, Pedro Ximinez sherry, a dash of lemon and to finish it off a Curry leaf. I loved this experience. The color and the consistency of the cocktail was heavenly...

PASSAGE TO HAVANA blew me away with its bold notes and complex after palate, all presented with a chocolate cigar to smoke away the liquor as it trickles down your throat.

There are dozens of cocktails to choose from each representing your travel destination.

This is a cocktail bar with the emphasis on exception preparation of drinks a supportive range of bar snacks to emphasis the key notes of the cocktails and jazz music entertainment as the evening progresses, although not thought of as a live Jazz music venue, guests are taken back in time when entertainment was for the elite and the bars were frequented by stars and royalty.

I have no hesitation in recommending Idlewild. I would say...if you don't enjoy this cocktail, lite snacks and live music experience then quite obviously you do not appreciate the finer things in life.

Most cocktails are priced at a reasonable SG$24


RATED 7.5 / 8
What a unique and quirky place to be. Just awesome atmosphere! Expect live music performances, innovative beverages, a selection of craft beers, wines, champagnes and rare spirits

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