Published - 25 January 2021, Monday

Perched on the top two floors of a newly-restored heritage shophouse by the Singapore River, Braci is a modern Italian restaurant and rooftop bar. Perfect for sundown and postprandial drinks. Overlooking the Singapore river, the casual-luxe 16-seater open-kitchen restaurant and 30-seater bar features progressive Italian cuisine and classic cocktails.

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RATED 6.5 / 8

It’s Braci at your doorstep! They have everything from starters like the foie gras semifreddo and white asparagus and your choice of pastas between Tagliolini or Garganelli- order both if you’re feeling ravenous. The Black Pork and Cod Fish Cioppino are among the main courses which titillate your taste buds. Follow this up with the rich and luscious Torta Della Nonna- a vanilla custard topped with crunchy toritto almonds. It’s a pasta fiesta with their signature 32 egg yolk fresh pasta selection. Choose one or more from the tagliolini, tagliatelle and pappardelle variants. Too tired and hungry to make decisions? Simply call for the Degustation Menu for 2 people and your plates will be left spick and span.


RATED 7.5 / 8
Braci serves up delicious Italian food and while you can even order it online, we recommend a seat at their rooftop bar. Start your evening with a cocktail like Pisco Pasión and the gorgeous city view. We love their Stracciatella for Foie Gras Semifreddo and recommend the Taglioni with scampi and sea urchin sauce if you’re opting for pasta. Their Black Pork with trumpet zucchini, figs and homemade pancetta is an absolute delight. While their Raspberries & Cantaloupe is a brilliant finish to their meal you can even opt for their Tiramisu cocktail made with Mozart Chocolate liqueur, Frangelico & homemade coffee liqueur.


RATED 8 / 8
Like many expats, I love a good Italian meal and we are absolutely spoilt for choice with a myriad of fine Italian restaurants on our tropical isle. When my husband came back raving about an outstanding Italian Omakase lunch he had at Braci, I didn’t need any convincing to check this one out.

Soon after, we booked in for dinner at this one Michelin star establishment (and #19 ranked Italian restaurant in the world for 2019*).

It’s not often I find myself dining in Boat Quay, with many of the restaurants more focused on the tourist crowd and traditional delicacies. But hidden away in a charming heritage shophouse, we climb several floors to the rooftop of this exclusive Italian hideaway.

What a view! I’ve never seen Boat Quay from the roof before and it’s most definitely a stunning sight. Skyscraper lights twinkling, reflections in the river below with views out to the Singapore flyer and beyond – perfetto! We had a simply magical table nestled on the covered and very intimate rooftop and settled in for our modern and progressive Italian culinary journey.

I tend to struggle to decide what to choose at Italian restaurants, since they offer so many enticing flavour combinations. So what I loved about Braci was the paradox of choice was out of my hands and into those of the lively and animated Chef de cuisine Mirko Febbrile. Perfetto again! No need to worry about food FOMO here – a seven course Omakase of only the freshest seasonal ingredients would be prepared in the modern-luxe open kitchen just one floor below.

The food was most definitely Instagram worthy but more importantly it was heavenly to the palate. Braci is Italian for 'embers' and wood inspires the menu throughout.

The chefs embrace one of the world's most primitive forms of cooking, charcoal, using implements such as the Josper oven and shichirin grill to reinvent classic Italian cuisine. Some of my favourite dishes were the Hokkaido scallop and the Alaskan king crab Tagliolini.

The scallop was unlike any scallop dish I had tried before - served on an ornamental wooden log, the texture was a fine paper thin wafer with a delicate yet distinctive scallop flavour that literally melted in my mouth. It was accompanied by sundried tomatoes to give a little zing and fermented pumpkin – delizioso!

Onto the Alaskan king crab Tagliolini – now Tagliolini (or Taglierini as it can be known) is a type of ribbon pasta, similar to Spaghetti but flatter and slightly wider. It is traditional to the Piedmont region of Italy – an area sitting at the foot of the Alps bordering France and Switzerland and known for its sophisticated cuisines and blockbuster wines like Barolo.

As the Italian’s would say this dish was “superbo”, “eccellente” and “magnifico”! A true highlight for me – with the unique sweet taste of the crab balancing wonderfully with the slightly salty flavour explosions from the miniature balloons of Ikura (salmon caviar or roe). Indeed a gastronomic delight.

The meal continued to impress throughout and along with the attentive and charming service, we had a flawless and memorable experience. No two meals at Braci are ever the same, so it’s one Italian restaurant we will return to again and again. Perfect for an intimate table for four or a romantic, starlit table for two.

*Ranked by 50 Top Italy.


RATED 8 / 8
We have been to Braci a number of times. The food is superb and wine selection to match. The food is from the Puglia region in Italy, as is the chef. You would think that you were actually in Puglia. The rooftop bar has great views and a good place to hang out even if you don't eat in the restaurant.


RATED 7.5 / 8
This looks amazing AND the views! Plus who doesn't like Italian food?!


RATED 8 / 8
Each dish on the new menu evokes the soft colours and fresh flavours of spring, featuring the primal technique of cooking simply over charcoal and fire through the use of the Josper oven and the shichirin grill to re-define and uplift classic Italian cuisine.

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