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16 July 2018
It takes a particular individual to understand the depth and breadth of the offering here at Amrith. The 5 Acts that outline the Past, Present and Future concepts are delightfully explained by Barmen Edwin and Head BarMaster Mark Tay. Amrith in sanscript means Nector-which was the name of the Bar where it all began years ago. Act 1 is Europe means Asia and somewhere in between, a crossover from East To West articulating the Spanish Oak Barrels. Act 2 looks back at our DNA and brings the Old Fashioned to life having first been created in 1833. Act 3 delivers Punch bowls harking back to traditions in the Northern Part of India, and as an aside, we learn that "punch" means 5 in Hindi so the basic 5 ingredients form the depth of the punch. Act 4 offers $45 tasting flights ( 5 Rums ) then the remaining Act 5 delightfully delivers one drink from each Country Spain. Netherlands, Thailand and not to forget our beloved Singapore


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