8 Best Regional New South Wales Pubs

Published - 31 August 2023, Thursday
  • 8 Best Regional New South Wales Pubs

Regional New South Wales is a treasure trove of history, character, and community spirit that is tucked away in the middle of Australia's most populous state. You'll come across a landscape painted with rolling hills, rocky coasts, and scenic towns that appear frozen in time as you travel outside of Sydney's busy metropolis. The modest but classic country bar, a staple of Australian culture, is waiting for you at every turn amid this picturesque landscape.

These regional pubs serve as living memorials to the culture and friendliness of this alluring region in addition to being locations to quench your thirst. Each pub offers a tale that is as rich as the country it is located in, from their weathered wooden exteriors to the loud laughter ringing inside. These places are an essential element of the journey, whether you're a resident looking for tranquilly or a visitor wishing for real Australian culture.

In this article, we explore the 8 Best Regional New South Wales Pubs and beckon you to take a virtual tour of the area. This list promises to give pub lovers a taste of all that makes Regional New South Wales a treasure trove for pub fans, from lovely old inns steeped in colonial history to coastal treasures where salty sea wind mingles with the aroma of substantial pub grub. Main Image Credit: Budgewoi Hotel Facebook Page

The Southern Railway Hotel

The Southern Railway Hotel

At the Southern Railway Hotel, formerly the Coolavin Hotel and built in 1872, enter a world of tradition and charm. Every element of this wonderful establishment welcomes you with its rich past.

The Southern Railway Hotel provides calm, cosy lodging in traditional pub-styled rooms, you'll feel at home right away. Additionally, the hotel's location is just a block from the main street and directly across from the train station.

The Southern Railway Hotel never has a boring moment. Enjoy a cool drink at the bar, and be sure to stay tuned for exciting raffle nights and sporadic live music performances.

The Southern Railway Hotel wants to make your trip enjoyable and pleasant, whether you're just passing through or considering an extended stay. Image Credit: The Southern Railway Hotel Facebook Page

a. 188 Sloane St, Goulburn NSW 2580, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.thesouthernrailwayhotel.com.au

s. www.facebook.com/southernrailwayhotel

t. +61 2 4821 2498

The Milton Hotel

The Milton Hotel

The Milton Hotel, located in picturesque Milton along the Princes Highway, is the ideal place to go if you're looking for a wonderful environment and outstanding food. This historically significant establishment has been expertly refurbished to accommodate a variety of tastes and preferences.

Visitors are greeted into a lovingly restored structure, where a roomy indoor-outdoor dining area is waiting. The deck's spectacular ocean views provide the ideal setting for taking in sunny days while enjoying cool drinks.

The hotel has a chic whisky lounge that gives guests the perfect place to sample premium whiskies before going out to a special meal with loved ones. The Milton Hotel, with its on-site microbrewery, proudly lives up to its moniker as the "House of Dangerous Ales."

Join us at The Milton Hotel for a memorable experience, wonderful fare, and priceless time with loved ones. If you want to have an unforgettable eating experience, go there! Image Credit: The Milton Hotel Facebook Page

a. 74 Princes Hwy, Milton NSW 2538, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.themiltonhotel.com

s. www.facebook.com/themiltonhotel

t. +61 2 4454 0727

The Sir George

The Sir George

The Sir George offers a genuinely one-of-a-kind Australian wilderness experience and is tucked away in the tranquil town of Jugiong, situated along the magnificent banks of the Murrumbidgee River. This 1852-built historical treasure has been lovingly restored, resulting in a cosy and welcoming room where the old and current harmoniously coexist.

A dedication to simplicity and honesty lies at the core of The Sir George. Every element of the restaurant reflects this attitude, from the Riverina vegetables used on the cuisine to the beer garden that seems like your own little haven.

This amazing location is more than simply a restaurant and bar. Additionally, it has a boutique bar, an artisan bakery, and cosy lodgings. It's the ideal location to unwind and enjoy the warmest country hospitality.

The Sir George, which is a minute off the Hume Highway between Sydney and Melbourne, is a great place for travellers of all ages to stop. This genuine countryside pub will not only satisfy but also exceed your expectations, whether you're seeking a delicious cup of coffee, a refreshing cold brew, or an unforgettable lunch beside the Murrumbidgee River. Image Credit: The Sir George Facebook Page 2nd Image Credit

a. 320 Riverside Dr, Jugiong NSW 2726, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.sirgeorge.com.au

s. www.facebook.com/thesirgeorge

t. +61 1300 345 613

Royal Hotel Queanbeyan

Royal Hotel Queanbeyan

Having been around since 1850, the Royal Hotel Queanbeyan is a well-known landmark in the city, as the Royal Hotel, it reopened in 1926 after being restored. It has been a setting for treasured events and enduring memories for many generations.

Known for its big portions, premium ingredients, and mood-enhancing live music, the award-winning pub is a hidden gem in the community. Excellent eating experiences take place there.

The Royal Hotel Queanbeyan has received recognition, winning the Best Redeveloped Country Hotel award in both Australia and New South Wales. It is situated in Queanbeyan at the intersection of Crawford and Monaro Streets, where the past and present coexist together.

By fusing fresh ingredients with cutting-edge flavours, the kitchen crew is committed to going above and beyond pub bistro expectations. You are invited to enter history at the Royal Hotel Queanbeyan and make new memories. Image Credit: Royal Hotel Queanbeyan Facebook Page

a. 85 Monaro St, Queanbeyan NSW 2620, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.royalhotelqbn.com.au

s. www.facebook.com/RoyalHotelQueanbeyan

t. +61 2 6297 1444

Burrawang Village Hotel

Burrawang Village Hotel

The Burrawang Village Hotel, located in the gorgeous Southern Highlands, is more than just a pub; it is the beating heart of the community. This welcoming and laid-back country tavern extends a warm welcome to all.

The Burrawang is nestled among gorgeous gardens and surrounded by the beautiful vistas of the Southern Highlands. During the winter, when the quaint atmosphere brings visitors from far and wide, this location's charm truly shines.

Enjoy delectable lunch and dinner fare that is accompanied by a long wine list and a wide selection of beers on tap. Choose your spot: enjoy a meal by the warm open fire, quench your thirst in the elegant front bar or relax in the spacious beer garden that offers sweeping views of the Highlands.

The Burrawang Village Hotel is the place to be, whether you're a frequent visitor, out for a day trip to explore the countryside, or your family is getting together for a special meal. Image Credit: Burrawang Village Hotel Facebook Page

a. 14 Hoddle St, Burrawang NSW 2577, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.burrawangvillagehotel.com.au

s. www.facebook.com/burrawangvillagehotel

t. +61 2 4886 4206

New Ivanhoe Hotel

New Ivanhoe Hotel

The New Ivanhoe Hotel is a beautiful art deco building tucked away in Blackheath's hills and brimming with personality and charm. This place, commonly referred to as The Ivy, has become a favourite among the locals.

The focus of the bistro is on serving up traditional pub fare made with fresh, regional, and seasonal ingredients. Pool tables are available in the main bar, which is a popular gathering area for both residents and visitors.

The New Ivanhoe Hotel takes pride in its clean, reasonably priced lodging as well as its pleasant, courteous service. It's a location where you can actually unwind and feel welcomed, not just somewhere to eat.

You'll feel at home here whether you stop by for a quick lunch, a casual supper, or simply a few beers with your friends thanks to the welcoming environment and personnel. Image Credit: New Ivanhoe Hotel Facebook Page 2nd Image Credit

a. 231 Great Western Hwy, Blackheath NSW 2785, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.thenewivanhoehotel.com

s. https://www.facebook.com/NewIvanhoeHotel

t. +61 2 4787 6156

The Friendly Inn

The Friendly Inn

The Friendly Inn, one of the region's oldest pubs, graces the gorgeous valley, making it a beloved favourite of both locals and visitors. It has withstood time thanks to its colourful past and inviting atmosphere.

The Friendly Inn is the ideal starting place for both those looking for adventure and those looking to rest, as it is surrounded by breathtaking landscape, an abundance of outdoor activities, and cultural events.

Here, top-notch Aussie staples including luscious steaks, delicious schnitzels, and seafood delights are consistently prepared by the skilled chefs. Check out the daily blackboard specials for a fun surprise.

Customers can enjoy a large variety of domestic, imported, and specialty beers, as well as an extensive selection of wines and spirits, at the full-service bar, which is open seven days a week. Everyone is invited to The Friendly Inn to enjoy a fusion of heritage, gracious hospitality, and spectacular landscapes. Image Credit: The Friendly Inn Facebook Page

a. 159 Moss Vale Rd, Kangaroo Valley NSW 2577, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.thefriendlyinn.com.au

s. www.facebook.com/TheFriendlyInn

t. +61 2 4465 1355

Budgewoi Hotel

Budgewoi Hotel

Budgewoi Hotel is your new go-to place for fun, relaxation, and good times. It is situated on NSW's breathtaking Central Coast, just 90 minutes from the centre of Sydney.

This location, once known as "The Coast Hotel," has undergone amazing renovations to provide you with an experience unlike any other in the neighbourhood. The Budgie is the ideal home away from home because of its décor, which draws inspiration from our carefree coastal way of life.

The Budgewoi Hotel has something for everyone, whether you like to relax with a drink of homemade mulled wine by the fire pit on a chilly winter night or sip cocktails and beers in their lovely beer garden on a sunny summer day.

The Sydney Restaurant Group's Drakopoulos family, renowned for their unrelenting dedication to quality in cuisine, beverages, and entertainment, is proud to own and run the Budgewoi Hotel. You won't want to miss them; they've raised the bar on the Central Coast. Image Credit: Budgewoi Hotel Facebook Page

a. 169 Budgewoi Rd, Budgewoi NSW 2262, Australia

e. [email protected]

w. www.budgewoihotel.com.au

s. www.facebook.com/budgewoihotel

t. +61 2 4390 9336


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