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Image Credit: Time Out Gavin Yap, Video Credit: Pangdemonium

Waiting For The Host is a timely and thought-provoking play specially created to be experienced online, with Pangdemonium boldly embracing the “new normal” by bringing you an exciting and extraordinary piece of virtual theatre in the midst of our enforced digital regime. 

2020. The worldwide pandemic has resulted in pandemonium, isolating millions and forcing the shutdown of everything from places of worship, to playgrounds, to plays. In Singapore, we are cautiously transitioning from “circuit breaker” through Phases 1 and 2 of re-emerging into a grave new world.

Meanwhile, an unorthodox union of unusual suspects congregates online, on Zoom, on a mission…to stage a play! As our virgin wannabe thespians rehearse in socially distanced cyber safety, things become unsafely anti-social. Dirty laundry is aired, sacred secrets are shared, and the drama unfolds into an unholy comedy of errors of Biblical proportions. Literally.

This play is told in two parts:

Part One – Waiting For The Host, in which our motley menagerie of misfits meets online for the first time to rehearse and perform their Passion Play, with devilishly delirious results…

Part Two – Still Waiting, where, having become a viral cult phenomenon, they decide to go the full monty as a bona fide theatre troupe, creating an original play about the Creation, with a little help from a surprise guest…

A play within a play within a pandemic, this hilarious, poignant, and ultimately inspiring production gives us all a much-needed touch of humanity within this surreality, where human touch has become a virtual unreality.

  • Starring Mina Kaye, Neo Swee Lin, Petrina Kow, Gavin Yap, Keagan Kang, Zachary & Adrian Pang
  • Dates: Thursday 15 Oct - Saturday 1 Nov 2020. 9PM Sharp. Only on SISTIC Live Tickets. 
  • Standard: SGD 45.00. 20% Early Bird DBS SGD 36.00

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Important Announcement

The Full Monty & Coronavirus (COVID-2019). We trust that you are well in these challenging times. In light of the projected COVID-19 safety measures, we have to move The Full Monty into 2021. We also will not be launching a 2021 Season Ticket. We hope that we will have the privilege of sharing more stories with you next year and beyond. We appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you back in the theatre.

For 2020 Season Ticket Holders, the good news is that by retaining your 2020 Season Ticket, you will still get to enjoy both The Glass Menagerie and The Full Monty next year, with all the exclusive benefits of a Season Ticket holder! We remain committed to taking care of you, and are offering various options to choose from. Kindly click on the link below to make your selection.

We will endeavour to process your transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible. Should there be any unavoidable delays, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Please refer to the FAQ for details regarding your 2020 Season Ticket.


Did You Know
13 October 2020
Here are some great Questions that have been answered by our friends at Pangdemonium. Will I receive a ticket to watch this play? The play will be streamed through the SISTIC Live platform. A confirmation email containing your e-ticket will be sent by SISTIC upon making your purchase. Click on the e-ticket to access the video. Please note that the link will only be active on the date you have purchased for. Will I be able to watch the stream on multiple devices? The link can only be used on one device at a time. Are there country restrictions for this stream? SISTIC Live uses Vimeo to stream videos on their platform. Vimeo is blocked in the following countries because their governments have instituted a ban on the platform: China, North Korea, Indonesia, Cuba, Iran. In addition, Vimeo is prohibited by their State Department in Sudan and Syria. If I log in after the play’s start time, will I still be able to watch it from the start? To simulate an actual live theatre experience, the performance will start promptly at 9:00pm every evening. Why is the ticket priced at SGD$45? From our research, many viewers will likely be watching the play as a pair or in a group. As such, multiple viewers will be enjoying the play at a bargain price. Are you streaming a pre-recorded performance, or will it be performed live? Pangdemonium and the actors have rehearsed and filmed the play from their own homes using digital recording devices, all delivered through their own home Wi-Fi connections. With so many different technical factors to account for in each home, it is not feasible to deliver a live-stream service that is stable at this time. By pre-recording the performance, we will be able to deliver an optimized production for your enjoyment where the audio/visual quality is not compromised. We will also be editing the footage from the recording to give you a more dynamic experience in online storytelling. Why are you streaming the play at a specific time once a day, rather than allowing on-demand viewing any time? We want this to be a communal experience for our viewers. Hence, we are virtually re-creating the “ritual” of going to the theatre. Upon entering the SISTIC Live page, there will be a live chatroom available for viewers to chat and “mingle” before the play commences at 9:00pm. In addition, we will also have a limited number of tickets per performance – 350 tickets – just like you would have in a theatre.


23 September 2020
This is fantastic and must see!


Just buy a ticket to support local theatre and you can watch online on any of the dates you select. have a house party for 5 and go to the theatre in your own lounge room :-)