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Once Upon A Secret Supper started in Hong Kong in 2010 when a few friends decided to create a secret dining society.

Between the four, they had lived (and cooked) in about a dozen cities including London, Melbourne, Florence, Mumbai, Johannesburg, Berlin and Taipei and they wanted to share their eclectic foodie experiences with other curious foodies.

Their aim is to put home cooking back on the table and tell stories through food in the homes of locals. It’s also a chance to collaborate and meet other curious, creative-minded foodies and make new friends.

The Founder,Angie Ma later launched her supper club in her hometown Melbourne and now they have launched in Singapore (May 2019)

Angie shares with Expat Choice, " My love for food probably started when I was a baby as I was a chubby little crawler who used to sneak into my older brother’s lunchbox after school and scoff his leftovers.

Growing up as a second generation ABC (Australian Born Chinese) my Mum and Dad would always be taking me to local markets, Asian grocery stalls, cooking and eating at home or Aunties houses making dumplings and noodles from scratch together.

My love of food took me to Florence, Italy in my 20’s to study Italian, Art, Tuscan food and join the olive harvest for olive oil. Although I ended up working in Brand strategy and Advertising for 15 years, my love has always been cooking.

So when I was living in London and went to my first supper club I was hooked. I love the surprise and intimacy of eating home cooked food in a home and meeting other foodie strangers.

I live to travel, learn and eat my way around the world from Sicilian olive farms to the ancient city of Jerusalem to the serene mountain villages of Guilin, China to simple home-stays in south Egypt.

My passion is sharing the wonderful and diverse stories about food with others."

Each event centres around a creative theme and a theme is never repeated - so each dinner is for one night only. As dinners are in real homes, there are no more than 20 seats available and you can book only 2 seats per person at a dinner.

Like other secret supper clubs and underground restaurants, the organisers like to keep an element of secrecy to surprise guests. The location is only revealed the day before the event and only on the evening of the event do guests have a chance to see the tasting menu and meet the other guests.

If you would like to join for a dinner, subscribe to the mailing list and when a new dinner is announced Once Upon A Secret Supper organisers will let you know. Tickets are purchased on a first come first served basis and usually sell out very quickly.

Please note: Once Upon A Secret Supper Singapore Launch is SOLD OUT.  The next Once Upon A Secret Supper Singapore event will be held at the end of August 2019, so sign up now to be the first to find out more details.

There is also opportunity to collaborate by becoming a friendly host. How about hosting a secret supper club in your home? Once Upon A Secret Supper organisers are looking for homes of all shapes, sizes and locations.

All you need do is send some details of your home location, entertaining and dining space, kitchen facilities and how many people your table seats.

The Secret Supper Club has held big and mini events from 10 people to 45 people depending on the space. Click here for more information on hosting.

Are you a local artists/creatives - Do you have a talent or interesting product you would like to share? Once Upon A Secret Supper has collaborated with artists, musicians and designers. Again, feel free to reach out to the organisers.

Interested in some, or all of the above?

Contact Once Upon A Secret Supper www.onceuponasecretsupper.com - see you at the dinner table xxx



6 June 2019
How super exciting and what a concept. You had me at secret location and home cooked meals. Their aim is to put home cooking back on the table and tell stories through food in the homes of locals. It’s also a chance to collaborate and meet other curious, creative-minded foodies and make new friends.


5 June 2019
I'm super excited for the founders of www.onceuponasecretsupper.com - This is something the Singapore community, both expat and local have been crying out for. It has been happening in little pockets but nothing sustainable and nothing that has hit the mark quite like this. I snagged our seats for the inaugural seating this Saturday night, 8 June 2019 at a location that is yet to be disclosed... I'm excited!!!


Non Member
4 June 2019
This is a Super exciting concept. I’ll be signing up right away. Excellent idea and bringing people together out of their immediate circle is inspiring


News Desk
3 June 2019
A little more about the rest of the team Eunice Yeo - Partner I like to dabble in a bit of everything, and enjoy baking and styling both food and interiors. I’m a food geek and love nothing more than pottering in the kitchen cooking all sorts of dishes inspired by my love for travel. I love making things look pretty, that’s why I started Heaven in a Wild Flower, a boutique floral and event styling company. I am also co-owner of vintage cafe Carpenter and Cook. Elodie Bellegarde - Partner I am a French food stylist, photographer and writer. I enjoy sharing knowledge with others which is why I frequently host food styling & photography workshops here in Singapore I am a food enthusiast who baked my first cake at the age of 5, I've found that the kitchen is the place where I like to be the most. My approach to food and cooking is reflective of my food styling: dishes are unfussy, wholesome and with a focus on the ingredients. While I am happy to style any kind of food, my passion has led me to personally rethink the way I eat and feed my family and the 4 of us are on the slow journey to vegetarianism. Not quite there yet, but almost. My first cookbook Kitchen Stories, came out in February 2015 and explores the relationship between moods and food. Denise McCann -Sommelier I have been in the wine industry for over 25 years. It is my hobby and passion gone mad! I am a qualified WSET Sommelier, wine educator and international wine tourism specialist. I established a boutique consultancy in Australia called Women Of Wine with the aim of raising the profile of women in the wine industry and to help our clients learn about wine together in a fun, sophisticated way. Since relocating to Singapore, I have been writing articles about wine, food and travel. I also manage TS Valley Villa Luxury Retreat in the Yarra Valley wine region. I just love bringing together the people, the stories and the destinations that celebrate the amazing journey that is learning about wine.