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Video Credit: Friday Drinks

Once upon a time in Australia, two second generation Bowral Boyos (New South Wales) got together at a local coffee house, as you did, or is that now ‘do’ – or ‘sort of can do’ again? – anyhow, these likely lads were inflicted by the disease of Friday-itis. This was remedied by a brain-storm, no doubt brought on by sheer ennui of what the heck do you do in the burg of Bowral on a Friday night? And, behold – FRIDAY DRINKS was given birth.

An online show where in an impossibly exotic bar in a non-specific location, impossibly named and exotic cocktails were made, scored for sheer genius and consumed with significant gentlemanly gusto. But NOT to the point of falling over. This is, afterall, on camera! The scores and on-going commentary was given by Steve, who was actually “Sophie”, who has since departed to study her all consuming passion of Veterinary Science. Well, she was still addicted to animals; albeit somewhat furrier and/or cuter...

Friday Drinks

FRIDAY DRINKS is the online brainchild of Tom Farquhar and Michael Turczynski (pictured above). Both entrepreneurs, bon vivants, naughty boys and formidably talented. One has an ad agency SEE SAW, one has a film company ARTISTE FILMS. From little things, big things grow – as the toone goes – and thus, we now have a globally followed show, shot in the upstairs office “client bar” of Mr Farquhar - AKA Princess Tom – but that’s another story – and features Mr Turczynski as the ruling diva of cocktail making. In other words, he’s scoring the heck out of Mr Tom, and although one cannot ‘virtually’ taste said cocktails, one is certainly enticed to hit the ingredients store of choice and try for oneself.

Friday Drinks Season 3 Episode 13 The Sake Special

In the age old tradition of “Indie” filmmaking, this is a low to no budget enterprise. There are a few sponsors – particularly the ladies of flower creations in the region, Sarah & Celeste of FLOWER FLOWER - who can make a muppet out of a gerbera! Ingredients are acquired from the creators pockets and the odd whacko cocktail aficianado who gets generous. But this is rare.

A two camera set-up – almost zero lights, no crew – let’s say bare bones – these two “Bow Wow” boys set up the cameras, fix the frame, lock in the shots and just press the button and off they go. In my book, as a filmmaker, that’s pretty DIY or INDIE. Then follow a 20 hour edit session in the home studio. It works. They have a natural repartee of the Pete n Dud/Goons disposition and with a guest ‘judge’ they just go for it. Free-form. Mad. Utterly watchable. Every Friday from 5pm.

Friday Drinks Season 3 Episode 10 Dry July

So now, “Steve” has departed to the Veterinary Practice to make alternative judgements, they have guests – but always on the look-out for someone permanent. Or not. And in these, dubious, Covid, worrying, bizarre and Alien Times – they have guests to ensure good mental health, happiness and the odd, albeit bizarrely named, cocktail. A segment they currently have is with Bowral Psychologist and all-round “Yoda-esque” brain Dr. Peter Richard-Herbert from Macquarie Street Therapy.

"Dr Pete" as he is called, gives good, practical advice and how to stay sane, or similar, in these clearly insane times; when mental health, hygiene and all-round joie de vivre can maintain our balance and humour. FRIDAY DRINKS is online via Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and the soon to be released dedicated website on 14 September 2020.

You can find them on Facebook Friday Drinks Official & Youtube Friday Drinks Official. Once the show is 'up', it's up for life, so indulge and watch. My favourite recently, featured the cocktail, bizarrely named ' Alien Nipple'. Astonishingly delicious! And there's a few surprises in there also... The current season runs to Mid September, then picks up again in December and runs through April 2021.

From the humble beginnings of two burgeoning minds who inhabit the often astounding, mind-bogglingly creative Southern Highlands of NSW, FRIDAY DRINKS is now an expanding ripple of an online show, that has people logging in from Puerto Morelos, Mexico – Melbourne, Sydney, London, Manchester, a nice dose of those “across the ditch” and me, in downtown Hill Top.

Watch this show, it’s great. It’s funny. Significantly sharp n smart and.....who’d a believed, as mad as the humble beginnings of the love ‘em or loathe ‘em, PYTHONS, GOONS and the ground breakers of Rowan & Martin’s LAUGH IN back in the 60’s from downtown Burbank USA and launched the careers of total unknowns like Goldie Hawn.

“BOW WOW” has never been so kool. And more than anything, it gives permission to the vision of all those others out there, who dare to dream the dream.

written by: dave letch – hill top village.


26 August 2020
An online show where in an impossibly exotic bar in a non-specific location, impossibly named and exotic cocktails were made, scored for sheer genius and consumed with significant gentlemanly gusto.