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Asia is one of the best destinations with diverse topography. This means that you don’t have to travel around the world to experience the wonders that winter brings. A visit to any of these amazing destinations towards the end of the year is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

All you have to carry is heat technology and warm clothing to discover how life is around the snowy mountainous regions. Here are ten of the most interesting places to visit in Asia this winter 2020.

1.Otaru, Japan

Otaru is a great winter destination and port town that attracts visitors from different parts of the world thanks to its beautiful architecture and long canal that is lined with gas lamps taking the Victorian Style. According to EssayWritingLand, the stone buildings that once housed traveling merchants serve as eateries and stops for visitors.

The Otaru canal is open for short cruises. It’s also the main venue for the famous Otaru Snow Light Festival, an event where locals place floating lights on the narrow pathways of this canal. The entire town looks more of Russia than Japan.

2.Harbin, China

Harbin or Ice City is one of the few hosts of the largest ice and snow festivals in the world. The Harbin International Ice Festival is held throughout January. And it features more than 1500 ice structures that glitter with multi-colored lights.

Every year has its theme. These themes vary from famous landmarks to mythical beasts across the world. You’ll also get the chance to enjoy other winter activities such as swimming, dog sledding, and watching the tigers.

3.Yamagata, Japan

If you are into snowboarding and skiing, you should consider visiting the Yamagata Zao Resort. This huge snowboarding and skiing area receives high amounts of snowfall and it’s one of the popular attraction sites for people who aren’t fans of snow sports. As programming homework service reports, people visit this destination to see the ice monsters that usually appear during the winter. The area hosts plenty of hot springs and snow festivals among other delicacies.

4.Yongpyong, South Korea

Avid snowboarders and skiers or those who love participating in winter sports should visit Yongpyong which is located in South Korea. While this is not a small town or city, its expansive playground features mountains, powdery slopes, and snow caps. Korea is a popular winter destination that allows you to try out anything you’ve ever wanted and crossed them off your bucket list.

5.Deogyusan National Park, Korea

The Deogyusan Resort or Muju Resort is located in the Deogyusan National Park. And it’s popularly known for the annual Firefly Festival which takes place during the summer. When the snow arrives, visitors from different parts of the world come to enjoy nature by walking on the slopes. This is one of the best ski resorts in South Korea. It’s only three hours away from Seoul. It is famous for its long ski slopes. There are lots of activities ideal for both beginners and those with advanced skills.

6.Lhasa, Tibet

If you want to experience extreme winters, you should head to Lhasa in Tibet. It’s one of the destinations that will give you a chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of one of the largest snowy islands in the world with fewer crowds and cheap accommodation.

As Australian Writings reports, this place is not as chilly as it looks especially in December and January. The sun is always in abundance. And this makes you feel warmer than how it looks. You’ll get the chance to enjoy the Great Prayer Festival where monks and artists create beautiful sculptures for burning.

7.Nagano, Japan

The Nagano Prefecture is the best place to find the Nozawa Onsen Snow Resort. The resort offers a great experience with an opportunity to spend a few days climbing the hills before reaching the soothing hot springs owned by the locals. You won’t be charged entrance fees. If you happen to visit this destination in mid-January, you’ll get the chance to participate in the Nozawa Onsen Dosojin Festival which is prepared by men to celebrate the first child.

8.Almaty, Kazakhstan

This Asian country located at the center of the continent extends to the Altai Mountains near the border of Russia and China. While it won’t be the first destination that will come to mind, it’s becoming one of the most famous spots for snow enthusiasts since it’s surrounded by huge mountains that soar to heights greater than 13000 feet. There are also two ski areas and a gorge that hosts a wide range of activities which include snowball fights, snowboarding, and skiing.

9.Sapporo, Japan

Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido Prefecture has been transformed into a winter destination. It is a top-rated destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. As term paper writing service reports, this destination also hosts popular winter events in Japan. Visitors come to see the impressive statues and sculptures made from snow as well as to enjoy the local delicacies.

10.Shimla, India

Shimla is a natural retreat that is surrounded by beautiful scenery where monkeys roam freely and watch shoppers casually. The snowy winter makes it an ideal place for people around the world to escape the heat and seek refuge in commercialized resorts. There are a lot of winter sports for you to participate in and enjoy.


Asia is one of the most captivating and diverse destinations in the world. It’s filled with sprawling cities and beautiful temples. The cost of visiting Asian destinations is quite low especially during the winter. With these ten destinations, you shouldn’t have a hard time figuring out where you’ll go this winter.


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