Skate Star at The Rink

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8 May 2018
"> Practice for serious skaters who are competing: I used to skate competitively in the states and recently picked it back up again. I've been coaching one on one at the Rink and my coach is very professional, nice, and flexible when it comes to hours. I'm also very glad that the rink is opened very early in the mornings so advanced skaters can practice jumps and spins freely without having to be constantly worried about bumping into people. > On public skating hours: there seems to be a lot of people who are disappointed at the rink's hours and other skaters there. Like a lot of other public rinks I've been to in the states, there are sessions blocked off for figure skaters or hockey players part of associations training for competitions, I'm just surprised there are people who think that an ice rink should be catering only to public recreational skaters. I try to avoid public skating hours as much as possible since there are a lot of recreational skaters that do not follow the counterclockwise rule of skating direction, and some even cut across the ice at high speed with no regard to others. I would recommend enforcing these rules more with public skating sessions to make those sessions more safe and enjoyable for everyone. But all in all, I think the management is done really well." Ariel Lee reviewed The Rink – 5 stars on Facebook


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