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As an Expat Woman, Betty has had the opportunity to live and work in Thailand, Jakarta, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Bangkok and Penang.

The off-the-grid crescendo of her journey enhanced her knowledge about world cultures and business as well as propelled her forward towards her next one, TheExpatFairs.com and ClubArtisans.net.

Betty Ashman, on a personal level, is like many other womanpreneur in the industry - a loving mother to her 7-year-old son, Shawn, and an affectionate wife. 

Club Artisans

GIF Credit : Two Club Artisan contributors, Mama modern fine art (paintings) and JustDivine artisans of the beautiful homewares (rugs and throws)

With such a packed schedule, motivation and dedication are key. She spends her mornings with a workout, meditates to stay focused, and also the occasional indulgences in evening wine to unwind.

Club Artisans makes it easy for anyone to shop for quality curated, sustainable, ethical, and luxurious items for women, men, kids, and home based on the ethos of doing good while doing business. Club Artisans curate and cultivate innovative products as well as ethically handmade items to the homes and lives of people who shy away from commercial and mass-marketed products. 

Club Artisans was born out of compassion to help small businesses with quality and sustainable means to grow and reach out to more trend-conscious shoppers who appreciate them. 

ClubArtisans.net focuses on small businesses with top quality, artisan-made, premium, earth-friendly, unique art, creative interior home decor items, and many others, helping bring them online and available to far-reaching groups of audiences and customers. 

Betty's aim is to help proactive small business owners to get the exposure they deserve to make a living, whether they are creative artisans or influential community members. No business is too big or small in this globalized world. Club Artisans recognize that small businesses may not be able to cope with the extra overheads that come with rental, marketing, manpower, logistics, and so on. 

Club Artisans helps these brands and businesses progress through constant learning, expansion, change of mindset, and self-empowerment.

Betty shares with Expat Choice, "there is no better time than now for small businesses to find innovative ways to sustain their business and work, build a loyal following, and bring the love for their work to the forefront of the business world. "

So, what are you waiting for? Sell or shop at Club Artisans a digital marketplace open 24/7

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If you would like to get in touch with Betty and the ClubArtisans.net team, email: [email protected]  or WhatsApp at +65 8855 4546 


13 May 2020
ClubArtisans.net was born out of Betty’s desire to bridge the divide between passionate artisans from all over the world and offer them a platform to showcase their products all under one roof. Her efforts are all in the name of sharing the love for making a positive environmental impact and contributing towards a more sustainable small-business community. Speaking with Betty she shares, "I am driven by passion to help people, especially women (but not exclusively) who are keen to move their businesses forward in a competitive environment, she wakes up motivated. Being in business is not just about making profits. It was also about seizing opportunities, making friends and connecting with the community." Her early years became the launching pad for www.ClubArtisans.net She believes that with a sustainable business model, businesses can help each other grow and reach out to more people and shoppers who appreciate quality, premium artisan products. With her decades-long experience, she has been bridging the divide between traditional businesses between the online and online world. We congratulate Betty on her efforts and wish her well as we emerge into a brave new world post Covid-19